ASP.NET - Introducing Blazor: Interactivity [12 of 13]

Play ASP.NET - Introducing Blazor: Interactivity [12 of 13]

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    Razor pages are interesting, Blazor components likewise. Almost Silverlight in its obscurity. (Sorry that slipped out).
    Having spent the last 15 odd years working on WebForms (aspx), I keep looking for "how do I?" examples. Like what's the equivalent of meta:resourceKey, where are the common controls like GridView, FormView etc. Even something as basic as <asp:label associatedControlID etc.

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    Leslie and Scott, I want to thank you both for this excellent and educational series. You make a great team presenting very valuable information.
    A couple of points though. I wish you had demonstrated the Logger once.
    Also, I had a problem in this video. I couldn't find blazor.server.js so I thought I would post the solution that in Layout.schtml it needed the line: [base href="~/" /] (replace the braces with angle brackets).
    Also, sadly I have to say I couldn't get the popup to work which confused me as the debugger showed the code being there. I'm not as concerned though as that wasn't the most important part to me. Maybe I'll play with it more...
    Thank you again, M

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