Azure AD and Identity Show: Azure AD B2B Collaboration (Business to Business)

Play Azure AD and Identity Show: Azure AD B2B Collaboration (Business to Business)

The Discussion

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    David Grant

    Seems like a useful video, seems to loose audio signal after 2.05 minutes.

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    @David, thanks for the feedback. I can't repro -- so hoping the problem is fixed for you!  Please try again, and let me know if you still experience issues, thanks (and enjoy)!

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    Nice feature so far, beside the fact with the CSV file. Would be nice to have some GUI for invitation to give that part away to maybe helpdesk or someone else.

    ThumbsUp for this new show and all the small information snippets you provide with it.


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    Paul Daly

    Given two companies, A & B where...

    Company A wants to grant employees from Company B access to A's resources. Additionally, A wants B to self manage the employees from B who should have access to A's resources.

    It would be nice if B could expose a specific security group to A such that A would be able to grant the security group access to A's resources.

    Does Azure B2B help with this scenario?

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    I wish you didn't inherently block B2B users from accessing the parent tenant's People directory. This access should be permissions driven, with the onus put back on the admins. We have a fully trusted partner organization that needs to see our directory for contact information.

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