Azure AD and Identity Show: Azure AD Join in Windows 10

Play Azure AD and Identity Show: Azure AD Join in Windows 10

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    nino ghemiri lahcene

    any new Microsoft items

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    renzo benita

    plaes help me for have cood window 1o for work better plaes y need new window

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    Azure AD to me is the promise of no longer needing any on prem DC - and I look forward to new features.  As a small business partner, the most critical feature that I am begging for is

    a) the ability to connect via remote desktop from one on prem win 10 azure ad joined machine to another with an azure ad global admin credential - this isn't possible currently as I understand having something to do with the actual core architecture of how RDP works versus the Azure authentication architecture - but all I know is that it is impossible to really push Azure AD on clients without this capability - and I want to push because I can scale my business if I can have that capability

    b.1) enable delegated admins to be able to log in to their client Azure AD domains with their partner global admin credential

    b.2) enable "trust" relationships between Azure AD's so that a global admin of Azure AD "a" could log onto Azure AD "b" as an "other user" on that machine with their "a" credential assuming the proper trust is established between the two Azure AD's

    I think Office365 and Azure are amazing accomplishments and are the most disruptive thing in enterprise network computing since Ethernet.

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    Ariyu Boonwasna

    Windows 10
    top new

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    ترجلبه 90 يوم

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    Miguel Bento Quissanga

    Gosto do windows

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    Eleanor Leish

    I lost my drivers and had so many problems with Windows 10; I'm totally lost; sorry I got on Windows 10. I need help. I put my password in and it says it is wrong and I never changed it; so what is up? I'm desperate! HELP

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    stephen mcginley

    On laptop windows 10 has left me stuck with constant pop ups, cant get new windows, all the easy stuff you clicked on desktop not so good, my laptop is 7down

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    helal nabih

    thank you for this product

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    Windows Mobile 10, na minha opinião é a revolução.

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    Thank you very much for this product. I'm sure it will be very useful fo me.

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    Late to the game, but how is the scenario for existing AAD-registered devices to be converted to AAD-joined status supposed to play out? Looking at the documentation so far regarding Windows Autopilot, InTune, Azure AD, I haven't found any information on how to carry this out.

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