Configuring AD FS for user sign-in with Azure AD Connect

Play Configuring AD FS for user sign-in with Azure AD Connect

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    che madre como consigo mi contraseña :(

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    Steve Ferguson

    The information is very basic and the presentation moves along at light speed. The trainer even speaks very rapidly to the point of not being understood.

    It is obvious the trainer has seen these screens many times before but has not taken into consideration that the viewer has not only seen the screens but also is most probably the first time through them.

    The presentation should take a bit to explain each screen and the information needed in each.
    To view and understand this presentation you must watch it and then go back and view again but stop and read each screen to digest what is being presented, entered and its affect to the process.

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    I am still at the play button. This was extremely fast for such a complicated subject, i am trying to understand the tech not see how fast the trainer can go thru the steps. Slow down and it will be an excellent  guide.

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    Pablo Paredes

    this video is excellent, thanks

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    Reseat password

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