Instant recovery of files from Azure VM backups (Linux)

Play Instant recovery of files from Azure VM backups (Linux)
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This video describes how to instantly recover files from Azure VM Backups (Linux)



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The Discussion

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    Thanks, great tuto!

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    Jack Chen

    On Ubuntu 14.04 VM, the restore script failed with error:
    ./ line 99: setfacl: command not found
    ./ line 100: setfacl: command not found
    We are unable to use local port range 5365-5396 for our communication on this machine. Please check if these ports are already being used by another application.
    Please refer to the logs at '/home/sysadm/recovery/jkvmVM-20180227212620/Scripts'

    Installed a new package 'acl', rerun it, and got :

    This script cannot connect to the recovery point. Either the password entered is invalid or the disks have been unmounted.
    Please enter the correct password or download a new script from the portal.

    I recreated the mount script, then it's working. Looks like the script need to be more robust.

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