What's up with Spark(3/5) - Jupyter and Zepplein Notebooks

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In this episode of What's up with___?  Andrew Moll meets with Joel Zambrano, a Senior Engineer on the HDInsight team, and learns all about the notebook experience on Spark.  Joel gives an overview of what a notebook is and the REPL principles it relies on.  We'll then dive into what is possible with the Zeppelin notebooks, using a HVAC company's dataset to illustrate the main points. The episode ends with what's coming next in the notebook experience for HDInsight. 


Azure, spark



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The Discussion

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    Your focus on the display is bad. Cant read your code. Please repost your video. Showing Zepplein Notebooks features is cool but you did not show iPython / Jupyter ? And frankly 1 hour is over kill for this demo. You can cut all the marketing and just do 10- 15 min video. Saves time for all.

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