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    You mentioned during the co-existence section a the beginning you will require multiple gateways for a single vNET to host S2S and ER in a Co-existence??? is that correct? i thought you cant have more then one gateway per vNET? Co existence in my understanding would use different interface on the gateway VM??

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    Hi Sam,

    Yes you would a gateway type VPN and a gateway type ExpressRoute. Both would be created in a GatewaySubnet and they can coexist.
    You can only have one Gateway of each type in a Vnet. So once you've created those two Gateways you've hit the maximum. You can create up to 4 ER connections through one ER GW and depending on the VPN Gateway performance (and cost) you choose, you can create up to 30 VPN connections.

    Hope this helps :)

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