Part 3–Loading Data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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In this video, you will explore the different methods for loading data into a Data Warehouse and have a clear understanding of the efficient method to load. You will also understand the role of a "load user" and why it is important to create a dedicated account for loading. You will also learn how to import and export data and integrate Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Azure Data Factory.



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The Discussion

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    Instead of using AZcopy to copy files to Blob storage. Would using SSIS be better? Wondering if it is probably more maintainable to put everything in an SSIS package?

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    Hi JSAD,

    So sorry for the delayed response.

    You could use SSIS, but you wouldn't be able to take full advantage of the MPP - Massively Parallel Processing capability that Azure SQL Data Warehouse has to offer.

    So If SSIS is really important, why not do all the SSIS work and then output them to files in Azure Blob Storage, and then use Ploybase to load those cleaned files.

    This will be more performant that connect SSIS to Azure Data Warehouse directly, especially when huge volumes of data are involved

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    Very useful, clearly and accurately explained. Thank you!

    According to
    the number of readers for DWU1000 is 80. But I can not find these numbers anywhere in the official documentation...

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    Mohammad Sufian

    I have listened to all 3 parts of the series and it's really very useful and well explained.

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