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Geo-replication and Auto-failover Groups in Azure SQL (51 of 61)

Play Geo-replication and Auto-failover Groups in Azure SQL (51 of 61)

The Discussion

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    For General purpose price tier with failover group, does it support read replica feature?
    In High availability it states the underlying architect for general purpose price tier is failover cluster so read replica is NOT supported, but for failover group/geo-replication, it's unclear whether the read replica is supported or not for the general purpose price tier.
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    Yes, with auto-failover groups or geo-replication, you can use the replicas as read-only endpoint. Note that with GP you only get one replica per failover group or geo-replica. With business critical, since there's also an AG involved, you can use the geo-replica's primary as well as the read only secondary, both as read only endpoints. Does that help?

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