Organize and Discover Big Data in Azure Data Lake with Azure Data Catalog

Play Organize and Discover Big Data in Azure Data Lake with Azure Data Catalog
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In this short video we describe how you can register, enrich, discover, understand and consume big data in the Azure Data Lake Store by using the Azure Data Catalog. Using the Azure Data Catalog any analyst, data scientist or data developer in the enterprise can register their big data sources in their enterprise data catalog. The information in the data catalog can then be further enriched by others in the organization. This enables a variety of users to be able to search and discover these data assets and learn more about them. Once data is discovered, users can then leverage all the services in the Cortana Analytics Suite such as Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure HDInsight and any other applications that are integrated with the Azure Data Lake Store.


Azure, Big Data



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The Discussion

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    Yunda Yao

    Very Good introduction to expose data to catalog.
    Question: is there any further tool/UI to query the data in catalog?
    Here is one scenario, some user want to know at some date range[StartTime, EndTime] in some location [King County] earthquake information. Which is related to Schema discovery and query builder and result visualization. Could you guys provide the full description how to above thibf in Catalog?

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    How register data from Azure Data Lake Storage in Azure Data Catalog with .NET or python?

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