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LINQ - Composability Guaranteed

52 minutes, 58 seconds


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It's been far too long since we've brought Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman together on Channel 9.

Today marks the end of a drought and the beginning of more regular appearances by the dynamic duo. The band is back together!

Introducing a new Channel 9 series - Beckman Meijer Overdrive. Smiley

One of the truly great things about Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer is their natural ability to explain complex subject matter in ways normal people can readily understand, all while engaging and entertaining us. In this new series, Brian and Erik will get together each month to make music in the form of conversational (and improvisational, of course) jazz. Tune in and learn something new from two programming legends and true iconoclasts. It's guaranteed to put your mind into overdrive.

Here, Brian and Erik recap LINQ and dig into the notion that LINQ is composability. What does that mean, exactly? Where does Rx fit into this? What about the cloud? What's so special about LINQ? As you'd expect, other topics emerge naturally from this conversation as Brian and Erik make their case for a LINQ-ruled world.

We're excited and honored to have Brian and Erik back on C9—and excited, too, that this will be a recurring treat. Thank you, Brian and Erik!

Tune in. Enjoy. Learn.


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  • Jordan TerrellJordan Terrell

    Can't wait to watch this!

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or

    Love this!

  • Jordan TerrellJordan Terrell

    That was fun!

  • @brianbec "GitHub: Source control for the masses" Nice!

  • Wow, this should be the best series ever!  (So much for getting any work done for the next hour.) 

  • I love these guys, but one small comment: please don't keep interrupting each other! Try to finish a few sentences sometimes! Smiley

  • ChristianChristian

    console.log, anyone ?

  • WinInsiderWinInsider Mike, MCAD

    Great video.  Can't wait to find out what Erik been up to... LINQ; RX, .... what is next?  Last we heard was something with native C++...

  • NovoxNovox “Simplicity is the ultimate ​sophisticat​ion.” —Leonardo da Vinci

    Nice. Haven't watched the video yet, but the rainbow/lense figure reminds of a certain article/paper on/in ACM Queue... Big Smile (http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2141937)

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @Novox: Wink

  • JoeJoe

    Very interesting guys.
    MongoDB and key value pairs - too right.

  • RAHIM MohamedIslamath Software Architecte & Math Fan


    Oh! as a math fan, I love seeing Mathematic(a/s) again, coupled with C#/.Net

    Thanks Guys!

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    Isn't Mathematica based on Lisp?

  • Pascal De Laetpaxal Pascal

    The "idempotence of IDisposable" remark of Erik is very interesting.

    Is the idempotence of Idisposable object linked with the monadic nature of LINQ ?

    (I think that "every LINQ objects are Idisposable" and "all Monad are monoïds").

    Can be LINQ presented like a "sophisticated method to recycle objects" !

    Remark that all communication protocols (like TCP/IP) can also be presented like that
    (the more complicated aspect is to "recycle" IO buffers without loosing data).

  • timbtimb

    interesting video! some issues:

    1. "rxjs is on github"


    the actual rxjs repo is completely empty except for samples.
    there are other repos, but only the glue for jquery and other frameworks!

    btw, i've tried to get into rxjs before, and there's little documentation on it except for a few blog posts. if you can find the js to download, it only exists as a minified script. boo.

    2. constructing a huge string of object properties to dump to an alert box for debugging

    use console.log

    3. pronouncing GIF as "jiff"

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    That was great.  I would indeed like a call in type show once in a while, or you could try the Defrag format, although it might not work as well for the topic, as Defrag does with its topics.

    I didn't know about Sho with LINQPad … that's awesome … like a poor man's Mathematica.  I loved Mathematica, but it was too expensive to keep using after my access to a free copy was over. Sad

    I really like the analogy of LINQ to optical circuitry … very good.  Can't wait to see more.  Thanks!

  • @McHalls: Yeah I think Erik was interrupting a few too many times, when I'd have liked to hear more thorough explanation since we viewers may not guess/know everything that Beckman was about to say.

  • DamonDamon

    @androidi @McHalls Agreed! In fact I couldn't even get through the entire video at 1.5x because it was so annoying with the constant talking over. But I think I would have liked the content and hope the next episode is better.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @androidi @McHalls Agreed! In fact I couldn't even get through the entire video at 1.5x because it was so annoying with the constant talking over. But I think I would have liked the content and hope the next episode is better.

    They're just excited! Two geniuses with much to say. Feedback noted ☺


  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while


  • I watch a lot of Ch9 videos.  This was one of my favorites.  Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  Please do more.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    , Dane Vinson wrote

    I watch a lot of Ch9 videos.  This was one of my favorites.  Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  Please do more.



  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Yes the analogy to optics is nice. It also reminds me of "lenses" which appears in the Meijer et al's fun named paper "Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire (1991)" mentioned in the FP lecture series.

  • KavehKaveh

    Awesome video, keep the good work. More than once a month please! :)
    ... Any advice on the use of Sho inside LINQpad anyone?

  • I like the image of the 5 concepts of LINQ (Insert/Transform/Filter/Expand/Aggregate).

    I would be great if you released this as a nice little poster Smiley

    Are there any links to the document or image?

    It would also be cool if there was a MiniLinq version that showed that we only need Insert/Expand/Aggregate (Ana/Bind/Cata) as Transform and Filter can both be performed with Bind/Expand/SelectMany


  • KavehKaveh


  • Topics for the next episode - TeX! I'd bet money Brian and Erik are TeX freaks from way back ...


  • I would really like to see Brian do a whole show (not necessarily part of this series) on Mathematica.

  • > Static typing makes a man lazy.

    These guys are the best. Love them.

  • CraigCraig


    Some issues.

    1. You are wearing thick-framed hipster glasses.
    2. You are bikeshedding.
    3. You are a JavaScrHipster.

  • ParmenioParmenio () => {}

    Messy, all over the place, poorly structured. Fabulous energy and great enthusiasm. Inspirational really.

    Just sad it took me so long to get around to watching this. It's just so fantastic to see these guys sparking off each other - two towers of Channel9. Titans! Far better than what we normally have these days.


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