Binding Data with Blazor [5 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor

Play Binding Data with Blazor [5 of 11] | Beginner's Series to: Blazor

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    Ya know, you go along pretty well, being very specific about the steps to take. Then you come to module 5 and you start taking shortcuts, referencing a separate walk-thru, that doesn't match the code you show in module 5, and is partly hidden by your minimized widow. And then it doesn't work as shown. You change a property of TodoItem from Title to Todo, without any explanation, expecting a beginner to work it out. Is this a test?

    I've been coding since the dark ages before you were born and using C# from it's inception. I really thought you did good work. It's disappointing to find you're just like everyone else.
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    Here is the code for the Todo page:

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    Very good explained, good that you included the link for the todo app for us to follow, the only way to learn is doing it.

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