Blockchain cryptography [8 of 20]

Play Blockchain cryptography [8 of 20]

The Discussion

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    I am following your videos and they are going well, but in this part, I think it can be better explained. There is too much content and just dialog is not enough.
    It would be better to explain the process of encryption and decryption with diagrams, as well as empathising the use of private and public keys when the transaction/message is sent. I think the comment goes too fast and there is no clarity for the learner when and why you use private and public keys.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
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    I agree with @Jerremias. This is the first part that I feel it's not explained properly. I have been using hashing, public/private key for many years in different projects but not in the blockchain. This part starts with separating 3 topics: Hashing, Public/Private key, Digital signature. It explain the hashing but somehow just end up in to digital signature. I believe is should be reviewed.

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