What is Node.js and why you should learn it [1 of 26]

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    For a video that claims to tell you "What is Node.js and why you should learn it", it doesn't really tell you what it is or why you should learn it... I guess all will be revealed in later episodes, but the next two look like they are just going to describe how to install it. Frustrating.
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    Q: What is Javascript?
    A: Javascript is a programming language.
    Javascript code is run/executed/viewed 'inside' of your web browser software.
    This means, you use your web browser software to view the Javascript code output.

    Q: What is NodeJS?
    A: It is Javascript code being written 'outside' of the web browser.
    This means you no longer have the web browser objects to view the Javascript output with.
    Instead, you can send output to the console screen/or, to a text file/-etc.
    There are many other things that NodeJS can do, including...
    - Create a web server (using just 7 or so lines code)
    - Have access to the File System (this ordinary Javascript cannot do)
    - etc.
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    The above video explains...; and, I quote...

    "Explain to us what's NodeJS?" (Video point: 1:13/1:15)

    "NodeJS is a javascript runtime...which means you can use it to run and execute Javascript outside of the browser."

    "And, what kind of Applications can you build with it?"

    "You can actually use NodeJS to build...
    - Server side applications
    - CLI/(Command Line Interface) apps
    - Web API/(Application Programming Interface)
    - Desktop applications using Electron
    Also, NodeJS is popular in the IOT/(Internet of Things) ecosystem...so, you can use it to build...
    - Javascript programs, and, deploy them on IOT boards
    - and, the list goes on and on..."

    You can use other tools to build Javascript files with; however, what is great about NodeJS...

    NodeJS is FREE/and, it's 'open source'(meaning, there are no hidden fees to be paid to use it)/and, there is a huge open source community supporting the project(meaning, you can find help all over the internet when and if you want it).

    Because NodeJS runs Javascript; and, Javascript is an 'event driven' language...makes it ideal to run - IOT programs
    - Serverless API's
    - NodeJS is cross platform (meaning, you can use it on: Windows/Linux/Mac/-etc.)

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