C# Part 2: Manage app lifecycle and state

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The Discussion

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    Alaa El Bosaty

    Thanks Smiley

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    Good Tutorial. Nice to see how async is so useful in saving and restoring navigation data. You could just mention that all these methods RestoreAsync, SaveAsync and RegisterFrame are provided to us by SuspensionManager.cs and someone who wants to understand what they do can just go to their definition. But nice to see session management being simplified beforehand for the developer.

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    Step 1: Using SuspensionManager
    Step 2: Save the app's state
    Step 3: Restore the app's state

    Shoud be

    Step 1: Life cycle
    Step 2: Session data, Save & Restore
    Step 3: Application data, Save & Restore

    The way you switch between SuspensionManager and ApplicationData is very confusing. I had to watch this video three times to know when you are doing what.

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