Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start: (01b) Introducing Windows Phone 8 Development Part 2

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This is the second half of a two-part course introduction led by Andy Wigley and Rob Tiffany. This section provides a broad new features overview (details of these new features are covered in later modules), Windows Phone 7x compatibility, and using the Windows Phone Developer Tools.

  • [02:05] - Overview of new features
  • [22:47] - In-app purchases
  • [27:14] - Localization and globalization
  • [32:58] - How to get started developing

Full course outline:



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The Discussion

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    Msinfo32 in Windows 8 will also tell you whether the processor supports SLAT.

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    Great videos guys! Thank you.

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    Great series ... Can we have access to the slides for offline reading?

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    Thanks Guys for giving my WP8 development a great start Smiley

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    , Nagz wrote

    Great series ... Can we have access to the slides for offline reading?

    Yes, is there an option to get the slides? it will be really great

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    @moran: Got any clue regarding the slides' availability?


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    Very great talk! It will be perfect if slides are available.

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    thanks guys.....this is very useful! Smiley

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    Microsoft Virtual Academy has these same videos and the presentations.

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    In this video you suggest running Windows8 Pro as a VM is not a good idea as the phone emulator also needs Hyper-V; meaning you would have a VM inside a VM. Well it may be debatable on whether or not it is a good idea to run a VM within a VM, but it is certainly possible. I am running Windows8 Pro as a VM and it also runs Hyper-V with VS2012 phone emulation. Admittedly, I needed to edit config files and setup my VM processor as a dual core; but it does work.

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    Maybe im in the wrong place, i tought this videos were to show developers how to build apps for windows phone. I know how to write C#, ibe written code for windows for years, but i want to know how to write windows phone apps!
    But you just layout some "principles" and then skip ahead to the completed code ("the next iteration") without any guidance or explaining on how to do it, because "it would be tedious"!?
    How im i supposed to learn how things are done in windows phone, if you dont show anything because "its tedious"?
    Maybe im supposed to watch another set of videos before this ones?

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    Awesome Videos Smiley Thanks for sharing.. Big Smile

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    Is there any way that we can emulate camera flash in the emulator ?

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    vickie rainey

    Question- I have windows 8 already on my phone
    already.The problem im having is when I go to internet The page is blank said need sever and what should i put it goes on google and live fine, I've put ever thing i know to, does any one what to put for the SERVER? Thank You?

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    edgardo rasonable

    good lockinh

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    Thanks 4 Sharing :)

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