Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start: (04) Files and Storage on Windows Phone 8

Play Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start: (04) Files and Storage on Windows Phone 8

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    I have a question regarding the usage of WinRT functions for file access. You show us at 13:53 a method to load aynchronous a string from a file. If I try to use this code, Visual Studio says that the return type of this method must be void, Task or Task<T>. This would mean that I cannot get that easily information out of async marked methods.


    And another question: For me it seems easier to use the above mentioned method to access files with WinRT. Is there any good reason to use the other version using ms-appdata:// or ms-appx:// instead? It seems more uncomfortable and insecure, if there is no included check for file existance.

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    Great videos! Thank you.

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    @rudelm: Check out the sample code at - that includes that particular demo.

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    Hi Andy,

    as per reports emerging, there is a folder named "OTHER" in the windows 8 phone which takes up a huge amount of data in terms of GB's and cannot be cleared nor opened nor deleted.

    all apps, games, photos etc when stored or installed leads to exponential increase in this folder and on deletion not much change to the previous values.

    kindly look into the matter


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    There is a file / folder named "Other" in WP8 that takes up a lot of storage space(mine is currently at 2.9 while the OS is 2.2. Could you look into that please?

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