Building Modern Web Apps: (01) What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers

Play Building Modern Web Apps: (01) What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers
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Learn about the latest features in Visual Studio 2013, including dozens of tips and tricks.

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The Discussion

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    I like come back to lisen you.


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    Inspired by ruby on rails :)

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    Nice talk! In overall Web Tools are moving in a right direction. Currently there is one huge problem with web development workflow in Visual Studio - there is no concept of compiling of a client-side code, when you can have all the front-end code of your web application (html, less, typescript, jsx etc.) in one folder, and during a build have them transpiled, re-organized, concatenated etc. according to a pre-defined built logic (with Grunt or Gulp) and saved into another folder from which you debug and deploy your site (currently you deploy your site from a folder containing source files, which is totally wrong from a front-end development point of view). As an example, consider a common web app directory layout:

    /build - both 'client' and 'server' projects are compiled into this same folder; client-side files are organized by type after the build; you test, debug and deploy your app from this folder
    /client - only client-side code; files are organized by feature (see BEM)
    /server - server-side code (Web Api, SignalR etc)

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    ..BTW, I have this assumption, based on the current state of front-end development tooling in Visual Studio, is that ASP.NET Web Tools team is probably listening mostly to the feedback from ASP.NET developers (existing customers). I would personally ignore many feature requests from ASP.NET developers and tried to get feedback and ideas from true front-end developers (new potential customers) which are often not familiar with ASP.NET world, but do know much more about good front-end development workflows and practices.

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    I've only watched 10 mins, but the resolution of the video is so low that I can't read any of the text in visual studio. Pity.

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    Dave, higher resolutions options are at the bottom of the main video control.

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    @Dave:Also if you do download them & play in Windows Media Player, it is then possible to change playback speed. Can either save time by increasing speed thru stuff you know or are following easily. And really slow it down, if you want to type along with it.  

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    Nice video.

    Thanks and hope to see many more in the future. 


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