03 | Collaborative Filtering: Association Rules in R & AzureML

Play 03 | Collaborative Filtering: Association Rules in R & AzureML
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In the third module, I will go into more detail on one of the main recommendation approaches: collaborative filtering. Here, I will show how to create association rules in RStudio and then how to integrate the created R script in AzureML.

[01:12] Market Basket Analysis / Association rules with fruits

[09:05] Demo: Association Rules in RStudio

[18:05] Demo: Preparing R Script for AzureML

[24:02] Demo: Integrate R in AzureML

[32:58] Wrapping up

The accompanying step-by-step guide and R scripts can be found in the GitHub repository Recommenders in Azure.

This Channel9 video is part of a free online course on Microsoft Virtual Academy: Building Recommendation Systems in Microsoft Azure.



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