Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start: (08) Real-time Communication with SignalR

Play Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start: (08) Real-time Communication with SignalR
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In this segment the instructors go over SignalR, and an incredibly simple real-time web for .NET. It will also provide an overview for real-time hit counter, what SignalR is and how to build a chat application, a multi-player game and load balancing SignalR.

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The Discussion

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    Not able to download the "High Quality WMV" video. 

    The other files seem to be fine.  I downloaded the "High Quality MP4" version as an alternative. 

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    Can we download the code?

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    superb!.. SignalR going to be the future.... great video. thanks guys...

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    @VictorWoo: You can download the code from below link

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    Damian Edwards and Scott Hanselman are brilliant together.  Even though I've already pretty much figured out the framework, I still find myself watching these videos again.  The world could not have enough of this "series".  Also kudos to the talent behind the scenes.  You guys are all making .Net cool once again.

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    Awesome explanation....Can't compare with functionality of .net with this people growing...real time works

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    Great job guys, I'm been working with real time notifications using websockets and node.js, for a while, I'm so exited that I can do then same work in a easy and transparent way using and signalR.

    I'm about to migrate a set of web applications that I built using PHP (HMVC framework) MYSQL REDIS Node.js Thrift and  MongoDB  to a Microsoft ecosystem SQL Server MVC  SignalR After listen to you guys I feel more confident on be able to replicate and improve all my current applications using Visual Studio 2012-2013 Smiley

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