Jan 16: Changing Business Operations in a Cloud Environment

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In this session, Harald discusses some of the key changes to a software company's business model, and factors an ISV should consider as it moves from on-premises to the cloud, including:

  • The importance of transaction automation
  • Go-to-market models for different segments
  • Choosing the right product architecture
  • Leveraging your new cloud solution to drive additional revenues

Do you have questions about changing software business operations? Join Harald live in the comments section for Q&A on Thursday, January 16 from 10am-11am, Pacific time (UTC -8:00)

This session is the first in the series "Building a Next-Generation Software Business." You can find all the sessions on the series page.

For more ISV resources, visit the Microsoft Partner Network's ISV community resource portal, or find more business resources here on Channel 9.


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The Discussion

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    Denis Zapirkin

    Thank you, Harald, for your presentation and for the speech! And I would ask you to speak a little bit slower to make sure the most of the audience from Russia (+11hours timeshift) understand your better ;)

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    Thanks, Denis, glad you liked it.  It is possible to download the webinar, so if there are parts that go too fast it can be replayed.

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    @Denis Zapirkin: These videos will also have closed captioning in 14 different languages including Russian! Those should be added within the next few days.

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    Denis Zapirkin

    @golnazal: thank you! great news! ;)

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    thank you!

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    @Mahdi1392: Thanks for viewing, Mahdi. The rest of the series offers specific guidance for your business planning, so please come back!
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    Thanks Harald - Your presentation is a great combination of key issues to consider, options to pursue, and recommendations on the "big-boulder" issues in adapting to a Cloud model. Very helpful!


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    Lynn Shively

    Thanks Harald for the straight forward, simple, yet comprehensive discussion on the business issues associated with planning for the Cloud. This webinar is valuable for every ISV that is considering or currently moving to a cloud model for their software.


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    Great presentation, Harald. There's a big gap in the content I've seen between the aspirational and the advanced. In other words, a lot of talk about why you should go SaaS and a lot of very advanced content that's really not useful to an ISV in transition. What you've delivered is just the kind of guidance ISVs need to move from desire to action.

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    Oystein Konsmo

    Great presentation!

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