Jan 23: Target Markets for your Cloud Solution

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This module shows how to select the right markets for your solution based on the size of customer, industries, type of application and regions of the world. We'll also drill down on how to position your solution for selling into the enterprise market.

Do you have questions about marketing your solution? Join Harald live in the comments section for Q&A on Thursday, January 23 from 10am-11am, Pacific time (UTC -8:00).

This session is the second in the series "Building a Next-Generation Software Business." You can find all the sessions on the series page.

For more ISV resources, visit the Microsoft Partner Network's ISV community resource portal, or find more business resources here on Channel 9.


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The Discussion

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    Denis Zapirkin

    Harald, thank you! When you talked about emerging markets (BRICS) you didn't mention Russia. I'm sure it's interesting as well for some visitors. Pretty sure there will be some data/info if someone would ask in comments or in another way. Bright presentation, thank you!

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    @Denis Zapirkin: You are right, Denis.  With the right partner(s) Russia can be an excellent market, where the cloud has been widely adopted.


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    Lars Kemmann

    Harald, thank you so much for doing this series!

    Fellow Niners, if you are at all interested in the business side of software, I highly recommend that you check out the resources on the York Group website, especially the page on "CloudControl®" - http://www.theyorkgroup.com/services/cloud_control.html. The whitepaper Why Resellers Don't Sell is eye-opening, to say the least, and very well written.

    There's also a 30-minute video there on how to build a sales channel - though I expect that will likely get covered in next week's webinar.

    Harald, it looks like you've partnered with the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services that are being advertised on this site - I see the York Group is mentioned as conducting channel development workshops: http://www.microsoftgotomarket.com/ I heard about this site through online word-of-mouth and I'm curious about what they are offering. Any comments? (Maybe you could address it in a future webinar... ;))

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    @Lars Kemmann: Lars, thank you!  Next week's webinar will actually cover market opportunities (geography, company size, etc) for cloud solutions.  The series that is running here on Channel 9 will not go into channel development, but does cover most other aspects of building a cloud business.

    The current channel development workshop offering is a series of four webinars covering all aspects of building a channel for cloud solutions.  It includes one hour of consulting by phone to address issues specific to a partners requirements.  The four webinars and the call are priced at $99.  Last year we ran these as on-site two-day workshops in different cities around the world, at much higher price point, but they are difficult to scale.  The webinars are being taped tomorrow and will be available in early February.

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    Moses de los Santos

    Hello Herald,

    I would be interested in the series, how do I purchase them?


    Moses de los Santos
    Managing Director, US
    Armada Dynamics

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    Moses de los Santos

    Sorry to have misspelled your name Harald!



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    @Moses de los Santos: We finished taping them last Friday, and they should be posted in early February, and you will be able to access them on the link in Lars's post - just click through to the Business Planning Services.

    PS: no problem on the name - it happens all the time!

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