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C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (01) Series Introduction

4 minutes, 32 seconds


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Welcome to this series of lessons about the C# programming language. In this episode, Bob Tabor, from LearnVisualStudio.NET, introduces the topic, sets expectations for the series, and provides tips on how to get the most out of it. Bob also tells you where you can download the software you need to get started and offers some encouragement as you begin your journey.

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  • Here he goes again!  

    I recently viewed the same subject and target audience he put together a few years ago, with VS 2010.

    Glad to see he's done an updated version of the series.

    Bob is one of the best instructors I've seen.



  • Forgot to mention:

    There is a "Format" button just below and near the right side of the video player.  If you have trouble seeing the video (especially the code), try another of the available formats. Found this helped with my system.

  • Austin ElliottAustin Elliott

    I just started watching your older C# tutorials and I got to around episode 12. I'm glad you made newer ones, though. :]

  • I have downloaded your other C# Series, I wanted to know, is there need for me to go through this Series after I have gone through the old one? 

  • Great series for a complete beginner like me! I I will be doing this course from beginning to the end everyday. Thank you very much! It is so much fun being able to write your own applications that do what you want them to do.

  • Where can i download the projects lessons source code, i can't find it anywhere, thanks

  • @Bob How do I start making proper applications other than the console ones?

  • @fbownz: They're pretty much the same ... a few fixes, better explanations based on feedback, etc.

    @chiprom: Sorry, it should be here.  I gave it to them, they didn't link to it.  :(  Try going to www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com ... this series is posted there too and I know they posted the code there.

    @PrannavGupta: I use Console window apps so that you can focus on C#.  Without learning enough C#, you would be trying to write a novel without understanding English (or your native language).  Make sure you know C# THEN move on to learn about ASP.NET or WPF or Phone apps or Windows Store apps.  There are plenty of videos series (some by me, some by others), lots of books, lots of web articles, lots of resources in general that will teach you a specific user interface API.  But you'll quickly hit a wall without the fundamentals under your belt.  ;)

  • @Bob: After C# fundamentals, could you suggest some series (preferably yours) should I watch? And just another question. Is there anything like homework or something that we can try to do ourselves after watching your videos?

  • @PrannavGupta: It really depends on what you want to do.  Phone?  Windows desktop?  Windows Store?  Web?  I've created several series on Channel9 / Microsoft Virtual Academy, but frankly the topics I would recommend next if you want an enterprise software development position at a company would be (1) Entity Framework for data, and (2) general architecture, principles, patterns, and (3) some user interface API like WPF, ASP.NET MVC or if you think you'll fit more into a maintenance role, the Win Forms or Web Forms (older APIs).  Microsoft has not asked me to create any of those and I doubt I will for them.  However, they are available on my own website www.learnvisualstudio.net.  Thank you and good luck.

  • @Bob Thanks a lot! Your videos are awesome and really helpful. Hope to see more of your videos.

  • JonathanJonathan

    I am learning much from C# for absolute beginners however cannot find the source code zip files to do the exercises. Please give me the location of the exact location of the zip files needed for the lessons. I am getting no response from the Microsoft Virtual Academy on this question.


  • MozzaMozza

    Just like to say thanks to bob for creating a great series of vids. Have followed the older series - VS2010 - and learned a lot and really like the look of the update.

  • Mr Tabor I have all the old C# Fundamentals lesson beginners. is that same or this lesson was different.

  • very good

  • @Aathifix: This is virtually the same as the 2010 version.  Updated for 2013.

  • WaqarWaqar

    Hi Bob,
    no doubt u r an amazing instructor. I wish u were my professor in my University where i am struggling a lot as teachers do not like to debug. its difficult to find dedicating teacher like u. Thanks a lot.
    learnvisualstudion.net requires membership which has option unlimited time. does this allows me to download all videos forever or is their any fair use policy? I have done this course. I want to become expert in C# and .Net platform....please suggest.

    Thank you

  • very goooood~

  • JoonJoon

    Wow~ this is great. Is there any way to download Closed Caption?

  • @BobTabor

    Hi there Bob Tabor, first of all an apology for my English, i would also like to apologize for this long feedback/questions or whatever we can call my minor novel down below.

    I've watched almost all your videos, including those on your site www.learnvisualstudio.net as a registered member. Your explanation is very clear and extremely detailed. I will watch this new series from beginning to end aswell.

    Yet, by watching your videos over and over i have still to learn how to properly use and form class's, for me it's important to have some sort of visual idea of what a class can be used for. It's easy enough to understand while we're just working with a Windows Console as it's all just text displayed to the screen, however the problem for me is how i can use these information in e.g. a Windows Form application.

    Now instead of using the Designers Window in a Form App, could i e.g. use a For Loop to create x amount of buttons, let's say with the content (text) 0 - 9. Sure i could go look this up, but the problem for me is that i'm not very well served with reading - i'm getting too restless and i end up putting my thoughts everywhere else than to the content i'm reading. This is primarily my reason to seek for knowledge in videos, and your videos provide that knowledge - to a certain point. Sure, i need to at some point read stuff and build further on my knowledge that way, but as long as i'm just watching console application i don't feel like i'm ready to take it up a notch and start reading.

    That being said, your new line of videos about learning ASP.NET using C# is really great this far, now i can actually see stuff happen instead of a console just saying: "You just typed: 3" - yeah i know what i just typed. Now a WPF application that i'm going to make and the ASP.NET videos that you are providing are probably different, but i guess they share the same logic/behavior just for different purposes? What i mean is, that if i learn to properly construct and form one type of environment, like ASP.NET - i would probably be able to embark myself into other environments (e.g. Windows Forms, WPF's, etc)?

    To sum it all up, thank you for everything you do for us "students" - this must use up a lot of your time. I really do hope to see more videos showing how to actually build stuff (referring to your ASP.NET Series). 

  • Hi, Bob. It's really great to see your video with a subtitle. It's really helpful for me, a non-English speaking country guy, :D

  • Hey Bob, I was wondering if you think it would be better to learn Visual Basic or C#?

  • TonyTony

    Bob,I got to 16. More about classes and methods.

    I was getting it at first, but now I'm not too sure.

    I don't want to quit.

    Is there something I can do to understand a little better?

  • @Tony: I would say that you should not be discouraged when it comes to classes.  Just accept the fact that they're used and how to create new instances of classes as created by Microsoft in the .NET Framework class library.  Frankly, it took years before it really clicked for me (I'm slow).  So, again, don't get discouraged.  Just plug away a little every day and keep trying to consume explanations from different authors.  Good luck!

  • arsamarsam

    hey bob, I really love your series I think it is the best source of c# knowledge for free, recently we have been studying Java at school but i personally prefer to use c# to make my apps and to keep good practice i solve problems made for java in our book in c#, so what i really wanted to ask is if i could get your email so i could send the codes I find hard to debug or problems I find hard to solve, i would be EXTRA grateful, thankyou so much anyways!

  • // I believe, one video entirely dedicated to Generics will make this series priceless even though you said few things on that topic. I don't know why you skipped Generics so fast and I don't know if there is something after the video number 22, I just started reading the chapter about Generics on the "Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming" book

  • @stahtufiang: Thank you for the good thought.  Let me explain my rationale.  (1) Keep in mind, this series is for absolute beginners with no programming experience at all.  In less than eight hours we go from 0 to LINQ ... that's a huge leap.  The fact that generics is something you want to know makes me guess this isn't your first rodeo, so to speak.  You have programming experience already, correct?  (2) Microsoft has a budget on what they're willing to spend, so somethings can stay and some things have to go.  (3) IMHO, generics is not a beginner level topic.  In fact, IMHO generics goes to the bottom of the list behind more OOP topics like interfaces and dependency injection.  I mean, you definitely need to know what to stick between the angle brackets (that's why I say "you make a generic specific by giving it a data type"), but beyond that I think you're ok with just understanding it at a surface level.  

    There are many series on Channel9 and MVA that can take you from here to that next level.  Actually, my personal regret:I should have added something about async because you can't use WinRT or many of the new .NET API's without it.  

    Thank you again for your comment.  If we ever do this series again, I'll be sure to give that some serious thought.

  • noor1noor1

    nice I thank you are PHD Proff thanks alot

  • Hi Bob! I have been watching and following along with this series for a couple weeks now. Recently, I have been considering whether I should be learning C# first or Javascript (which I just found that you have another series on). My goal is to be able to develop games and possibly mobile apps either on my own or with a small team. I really enjoy your teaching style and value your opinion. What are you thoughts on which language I should purse first?

  • SvatSvat

    Hi Bob, beautiful series, but I have a substantial trouble with a (more rapid) speech reception and so I'd welcome a text version of your lessons. Is there any chance to gain it? It would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • SvatSvat

    Hi Bob, Sorry, I 'discovered' subtitles in video right now ...

  • Rafaqat AliRafaqat Ali

    hi Sir.. i love to learn programming, therefore i watch your videos and learn a lot.. and i have practiced more on simple console application.. now i want to move on windows form application. can i get your tutorials of windows form. ? if yes then please send me the links of your windows form tutorials. thank you very much.

  • Alexander ByrenAlexander Byren

    Hi, Bob! I have a question to ask you.
    In C# Form Application, the control 'RichTextBox' can display a string with different color, like Visual Studio IDE, is it?

  • Ricky HernadezRicky Hernadez

    Hi Bob.,. thanks for this tutorial. Easy to understand. Do you have any topics regarding c# after this tutorial? I mean after this fundamentals, whats next? thanks Bob. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Bob.,. thanks for this tutorial. Easy to understand. Do you have any topics regarding c# after this tutorial? I mean after this fundamentals, whats next? thanks Bob. Keep up the good work.

  • Shivin ShrivastavaShivin Shivin


    These are the great video series but please provide the pdf for it.

  • robwilkinsonrobwilkinson

    Hi Bob,

    I have been watching your tutorials which have aided me greatly. I have recently watched mod 7 branching with the if decision statement.... I went on to carry out another application of my own using the if, else if and else statement. However, I have come across an issue - I was wondering if you can evaluate multiple values in one line of code.

    Console.WriteLine("How many days are in a week?");
    string userValue = Console.ReadLine();

    string message = "";

    if (userValue == "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6")
    message = "Incorrect";
    else if (userValue == "7")
    message = "Correct";
    message = "You idiot!";


  • @robwilkinson: You can do something similar to what you're asking:

    if (userValue == "1" || userValue == "2" || userValue == "3")  


      // you get the idea ... the double pipe character | over the \ on your keyboard

      // is the logical OR and the if statement will be true if ANY of the expressions

      // are true. 



    The other option is to use a switch with multiple labels like so:

    switch(userValue) {

      case "1":

      case "2":

      case "3":

        // Your code here


      case "7"

        // Your code here



        // Your code here



    Hope that makes sense.  Good luck!



  • robwilkinsonrobwilkinson

    Thanks Bob!

  • Well hello Bob!I would like to you that I have been watching your course upto 15th episode.They are really good and I would like to tell tell you that I have been taking C# classes from an academy near me and they are teaching Form Application with the console one,so can I get some WindowsForm tutorials from you!

    Thank You!

  • I want your wallpaper


  • RodzRodz

    Hi Bob!

    I am new to this course, and i am so interested to take this course right now i am just watching your video tutorial c# fundamentals for beginners. Id like to know the best books for c# so i can study more?

    Thank you.

  • AustinAustin

    After finishing this course what path should I take to get a c# entry level developer job? I have been studying C# 5-7 hours a day since I decided I want to become a developer. My friend who is a programmer told me to learn c# and I could get a job without getting a degree if I was good at it. Do you have any advise I am not looking for a short cut I was going to take a coding bootcamp but my friend said if I learned c# I could get a job.

  • AustinAustin

    Thank you for the course btw. I really appreciate it.

  • @Rodz: I do answer that at the very end of this series, but in a nut shell, check out the book by Microsoft Press, C# Step by Step by author Sharp.

    @Austin: C# is a solid path to go down.  I know of people who have watch my videos on LearnVisualStudio.net for as little as 6 weeks and practiced hard and got a job.  Your mileage may dramatically vary.  But if you put in the time and effort you can greatly truncate the amount of time required to go from zero to employed.

  • Hi Bob,

    The videos are great. It really made my programming concepts clear after a 10 long years in the IT industry. I wish you were my University professor. I am working as a Software Test Analyst by the way and am thinking of moving into programming.

    I am although going thru all your training videos and I am still under training. I have one question for you though regarding Mod 6: Declaring Variables and Assigning Values.

    I want to take two integer inputs from user and add them and store the sum  into another integer variable. I tried doing this but did not seem to work

    int x;

    int y;

    Console.WriteLine("Enter a number: ");


    --- Is this the correct way of taking integer inputs or am I going wrong somewhere ?

    Please help.

  • TadpoleTadpole

    Hey Bob
    This is an amazing series, ive learnt so much, so many thanks. However - i cant find the source code for this anywhere. Ive looked on the MS virtual academy site too. Do you know where i can find it?

  • Tadpole: On the MVA site they put the code. They have an inconvenience now which has been reported so we have to wait. I tried to download the source code and this is the error message I got:

    An error has occured   Error code: 635682800274355823

    We have already been notified of this error and we'll solve it shortly.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  • IgorIgor

    Thanks Bob!

  • ayaanayaan

    hey bob, these tutorial are amazing i gained so much but these are of just console application and I need windows form application as soon as possible.So i will be very thankful to you if u provide me the link from where I can take help.I am working on my FYP so please provide me the link of tutorials
    thanx sir :)

  • Joann ParrJoann Parr

    Hey Bob,

    Can you tell me what version of C# this was?

    Thanks for the class!

  • 我想说我听不懂吗(Please support Chinese subtitles)

  • Looking for the source code (for this course) to download?

    I looked for it everywhere on this site and on Microsoft Virtual Academy... and finally found it :)


    Go to this link where you will find the same course but with added assessments (tests) and the coveted source code. Click on "table of contents" , next to the white "i" on the blue background, then click the plus sign next to "Series Introduction". Click on "Source Code..." and then click on Download Course Content in the main window. Unzip the zip-archive and there it is. Thank you Bob, and I absolutely love the course!!


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