C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (15) Understanding and Creating Classes

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    mod 15 shows the video for 14, thanks for the run down.  I've done some vb.net but never had a class and this ties together most of what I learned from millions of Google searches

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    Just a little mistake with the video introductions, it's says 14 working with date time but it's talking about Classes.

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    @icy711: @Omar: Thank you ... I've reported it to those who can fix it.  Than you again. - bob

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    Sir Bob, you and your team members are doing a great job for the new beginner developers. I personally searched for ton of guides but yours are the  effective ones. Great Job! :D

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    LOVE THE WAY YOU EXPLAINED Classes and Objects... There's so much crap out there... I was about to give up C# and to C!! Thank you!!

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    The explaination of Classes and objects is on point. Thank you Bob Tabor.

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