C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (16) More About Classes and Methods

Play C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (16) More About Classes and Methods

The Discussion

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    I normally don't post comments, but you truly are a great teacher, plz keep up the fantastic work.

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    I've been watching allot of your videos the last few weeks. It seems these videos revised, or maybe the second go around is really sticking this time. thanks appreciate it.

    Before the overloaded methods, classes structures and inheritances were a face palm. This time around things make more sense, although I started watching your 11' series.

    and thank you!

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    simple and fantastic... :) 

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    These videos are fantastic!  Easy to follow and understand and more importantly, most importantly actually, you don't talk ridiculously slow!!!!  It seems every video on the internet that teaches any programming related concepts has a teacher who draaawwwwsss oouuutttt eeevvveeerrrryyy woooorrdddd so that a 30 minute video takes 2 hours.  I get that maybe some people need some time but that's what the pause button is for.  The sheer speed that you work through concepts is hands down my favorite thing.  This is the teacher I was looking for!

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