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C# Fundamentals Important Update!

3 minutes, 47 seconds


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Since the launch of this series Microsoft has released Windows 8 along with new editions of Visual Studio. In this short update video, Bob Tabor explains which versions of Visual Studio 2012 Express you should download and explains the difference between Visual Studio for Windows 8 and Visual Studio for Desktop.

Download Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop


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  • Thank's Bob, you're awesome! I'm still watching your wonderful lessons, keep up good works.

  • JazzynupeJazzynupe 9 Guy from the beginning

    DUDE!!! YOU are the LearnVisualStudio.Net guy? that is AWESOME... Your videos are what I used to get deeper into C# and VB.NET back in the early days. Your site and video archives are AWESOME. I am planning to subscribe again soon. Thanks for the videos.

  • Brilliant again! Bod you're good!

  • Thank's for video!

  • Jason HumanJason Human

    Bob you are awesome!
    Thanks for this intro to C#
    its exactly what i need to make the jump from PHP

  • A non-technical questions

    Why Microsoft's new symbols will be replaced?!

    The old symbols are still used

  • Which sites are recommended for deeper dives?

    Learnvisualstudio.net is really good

    What about between these two - Pluralsight.com or LearnNowOnline.com

  • ausamausam

    is this the last episode?

  •  Bob,

    Thanks for the lesson series, it's been great so far!

    I'm doing lesson 23 using VS Express 2012 for Windows Desktop.

    Double clicking on form elements in the MainWIndow.xaml design view does not seem to create code snippets and take me to them in the code window, as your video shows. Am I doing something wrong, or is this an intentional change in VS 2012?



  • I´m new in c#, and find your videos great for leaning. keep up the good work with those videos.



  • Furkan GozukaraFurkan Gozukara

    Please make full scale asp.net 4.5 and c# 4.5 together series and i will buy subscription

  • Nicholas MitchellNicholas Mitchell

    These videos are absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much!

  • Thank Bob, you are humble and your video presentation is simple and clear:  I have been developing .NET application for years and my learning from you as you said: "If I am mindful about my search term, I almost always find a solution.

  • Bob,

    I've gone through your HML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and this C# series. They were enough to convince me to buy a lifetime membership to your LearnVisualStudio.net site (http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/).

    I've watched a lot (probably too many) webinar type videos, and yours are some of the best I've seen. You really take the mystery out of the stuff, sometimes even the basic stuff, that most people just gloss over or assume you already know.


  • HilloHillo

    Bob, you are the best. Your C# lessons are awsome for beginer!!I recomend this to any one who want to learn programmimg easily, right and organized way. Thank you good man!

  • MarkMark

    Bob can't thank you enough for the tutorials. Coming form the VB world you have make it very easy for me to pick up c# world. I am hoping to find that you have done a set a videos for MVC using VS 2012.


  • gabrgabr First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

    I would like to just briefly thank you for your work.
    I'm not a beginner but watching your videos was just a pleasure for me and you opend my mind on some new solutions and new ways of thinking.

    You helping people and that's great.
    Good job Bob Smiley

  • gabrgabr First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.


    quuxo wrote:

    le clicking on form elements in the MainWIndow.xaml design view does not seem to create code snippets and take me to them in the code window, as your video shows. Am I doing something wrong, or is this an intentional change in VS 2012?

    I had noticed the same.
    You just need to find the event you want to code in property window and double click on it.
    I didn't find any other way.

  • Robert WelsheRobert Welshe

    Bob -

    Apart from using VS2012 Express, what SQL Server edition will work for the C# beginners series when VS 2012 is used? I loaded SQL Server 2012 but it seems to create a local DB [?]

  • AmitAmit

    Hi, whats the future of C#? Is Microsoft working on C#6.0? Or is C#5.0 the last version?

  • kakou juniorkakou junior

    salut BOBO,
    je trouve vos vidéos géniale mais je ne parle pas bien l'anglais et le compréhension est moyenne y a t-il une traduction de vos leçons pour le monde francophone?

  • YunusYunus

    This is the spirit which we all need to follow helping others selflessly , and enriching with such valuable stuff.This is all worth-admiring and needs to be promoted.

    Long live Bob, and continue helping us sir!

  • Thanks Bob! You save me from getting stock with my master degree thesis development! Now I'm feeling much more confident about using C# and its features, and also I can understand better the examples in books or in the internet. Many thanks again for this series!, I have no words to thank you enough for this help!

    Best regards from Mexico!

  • Bill DubeBill Dube

    Really like your C# for Absolute Beginners course.
    So much that I joined your website http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/ to support your work and for further instruction.
    I have been unable to locate the HTML text file that you mention for download that accompanies the course though.
    Is there any way I can get a copy from you?
    Or have you repost is somewhere for download.

    Thank you.
    Bill Dube

  • NebrosNebros

    Im from Switzerland and my English ist not really good. But it was very easy to understand what you mean.

    Thank you very much.:)

    You deserve an entry in Wikipedia!

  • Peter GPeter G

    Hi, I'm 12 years old and I just wanted to tell you that your series of videos has really helped me learn C#! Thank you so much for creating them because they really are helping me get a good understanding of methods, strings, variables, loops, ect... I'm only on video 22 and I will definitely continue to watch them and gain a better understanding of C#. I really want to create a great application and when I am done with the series I am going to try to make a Windows App Store worthy app! Thanks again Bob!

  • I apologize to everyone who commented on this page.  For some reason, my RSS reader skips this feed (it works on all the other videos) and I'm not alerted to new comments.  Hmm ... I've got comments coming in from all over the place, but I hate to miss even one.  If you don't hear from me, please write me directly.  bob at learn visual studio dot net

  • Thanks.  I am getting started.

  • DmitriDmitri

    Wow your are a legendary Bob Tabor from a genius learnvisualstudio.net
    I was subsribed to your website back in the day! gosh it was 2005!:-)
    My god! How happy i am to see you on channel 9!
    Back in 2005 i was amazed by your probably the ony one website who exposed a reallife podcasts.
    Great to see you old friend!:-))))

  • @Dmitri: Thanks for the really nice post.  Big Smile  I'm no genius, just a little ahead of the curve when I started back in 2002 ... before .NET videos were cool.  But that and $10 will get me a coffee from Starbucks (which is to say, it's pretty meaningless).  However, I appreciate the kind mention.  I've been adding new content to LearnVisualStudio.NET as well.  Stop by and check it out.  Good luck!

  • Simon WilbySimon Wilby

    I am trying to write a VS2010 C# code snippet that has a closing square bracket as part of new object array assignment, basically so:

    <Code Language="CSharp">
    <![CDATA[public void $MethodName$($parameters$)
    ZPICD icdzp = new ZPICD($MethodName);
    Invoke(icdzp, new object[] { });
    public delegate void ZPICD()]]]>

    doesn't look like there is a lot on the subject, both bing and google are giving weak results for searches like: escape square brackets in C# snippet C# snippet square brackets C# code snippet square brackets.

    What is the escape code for square brackets in a C# code snippet?? Please Help.

    Simon Wilby

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Simon Wilby: I'd recommend going to ask this question over at www.stackoverflow.com.  We really want to keep the questions here on topic with the series.


  • Erica AlatzaErica Alatza

    @BobTabor @Golnaz Thank You for this series. These videos are really helping me and my friend back here in Brazil. We want to create games using C# and we are learning a lot from your videos. Very didactic and pragmatic.

  • @Erica Alatza: Oops, it is Eric, not Erica... Blushing

  • VishalVishal

    thanks Bobs

  • thanks for this,..

  • Hi Bob Sir,


     I am beginner in the coding world, Many thanks to you for uploading the videos they are very useful.

    I have a small problem.

    I always get stuck while handling arrays.

    here is a simple program which I written to find out the square root of a number.


    staticvoid Main(string[] args)


    double argValue = 0.0;

    Double argSqrt = 0.00;

    Console.WriteLine("Please enter the value whose square root is unknow\n");

    argValue = double.Parse(args[0].ToString());


    if (args.Length == 0)


    Console.WriteLine("No Arguents Passed");




    argValue = double.Parse(args[0].ToString());


    argSqrt = Math.Sqrt(argValue);

    Console.WriteLine("Square root of the number : {0}, is {1}", argValue, argSqrt);




    There is an exception here "Index out of range" I usually get this exception when I deal with arrays, can you please tell me in what scenarios we get this exception and why am I getting this exception.

    Please help me to resolve it.


    Thanks  in advance



  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    args is passed in when you execute the application.  Chances are you don't have the project configured to do this.  My suggestion is don't reference "args"


    Also you'll need to assign a the return value to Console.ReadLine()

  • christianchristian

    Are you going to make a tutorial on making desktop apps not console apps?

  • SergiuSergiu

    I would also like to see a complete c# app using windows forms and some sort of database.
    I understand that console program are easier to digest and learn us the fundamentals of programming but a GUI aproach would be even more helpfull in understand the .net framework and it's gigantic class library.

    Thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials Bob !

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Sergiu: try the Windows Phone or Windows Store absolute beginner series.  There we do go into more complex topics.  http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Windows-Phone-8-Development-for-Absolute-Beginners/Part-1-Series-Introduction

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Sergiu: this series' goal was to teach the building blocks so we could do what you listed above.  http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Beginner is an entire list of our beginner video series

  • I can't run the setup. Do I need windows 8 to run it?

  • George CapitanoGeorge Capitano

    Thank you Bob for these wonderful videos. As the saying goes, spread your good deed before reaping the rewards. Well, you have done it. Your teaching genius lies in your creative imagination. Thanks again

  • Thank you for dedicating your time to these videos Bob. I wish you all the success in all of your upcoming endeavors.

  • peterpeter

    tnx Bob for the lessons wow they really helped me....

  • ValyValy

    Hello Bob and thank so much for this videos . I am a fresh one in C# . I have started a course in my country for learning C# . Some of their explications are not well explained and this is the great and loving place to make things better understood . Thank you again ! Kisses from Romania

  • RedarRedar

    You are great Thank you so much

  • AndreAndre

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the very good videos about c# for the abso beginner.
    Completely new to programming, but with these videos it's more easy to begin with.

  • Arslan ButtArslan Butt

    realy great bob

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