C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Concluding Thoughts - 24

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 In this final video, Bob talks about approaches to solving common issues that arise for new software developers, where to turn for help, how to search for answers to technical questions, how to ask for help and become part of the .NET community, how to create a personal knowledge base of books and articles, and finally provides a long term path that you can follow to learn more about developing Windows and Web applications.


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    The Discussion

    • Alex219267

      Can't wait for C# Second Series Videos!!!

    • Alex219267

      Soon as I get back to the shop I am sharing this with all my co-workers!!!  Again, thank you BOB!!! Keep them coming. 


      Your .Net Padawan

    • ciupaz

      This file should be named "24..." instead of "23....", because the 23rd is the other last screenshot.


    • golnazal

      @ciupaz:the file name should be fixed now. thanks for the note!

    • Richard Hovda

      File Name is still wrong as of today.... or maybe the link still points to the one with the wrong name???


    • laranz

      This is an awesome series..

      Thanks Bob, the boss... Angel

      Expecting ASP.NET : Development for Absolute Beginners and Experts. Wink

    • juvenile

      Thanks a lot Bob this was a great start in learning C#. This will help me great in my final University Project in Building a Windows Phone App.  Next Stop Silver light Videos Smiley.


      Was a member of your LVS site but school fee took my money so when I'm done summer i will definitely subscribing again


    • BobTabor

      @laranz & @juvenile ... thank you for the kind words.  @juvenile, good luck in your studies!

    • Fatima

      Thanks for the amazing tutorial. I have learnt a lot.

    • BobTabor

      @Fatima: Thank you, best wishes in 2012!

    • Mohideen

      Thanks Bob, its very useful.

    • rohr22

      Bob, thank you for a very helpful series. I have been doing some C# programming for a while but I learned a few things from the few videos I watched, especially the LINQ video. I really appreciate the way you explain things clearly and your positive attitude!


    • Brandon


      Thank you for the great series. Just starting out with C# and having a general background in some other development areas, these videos have been an excellent source of where to take the next steps!


    • Anders

      Hi Bob,

      I just want to show my appreciation for your work. You are truly one of the best teachers I have ever come across and I hope to see more tutorials from you in the near future.

      All the best,

    • BobTabor

      @Mohideen, @rohr22, @Brandon, @Anders: (Sorry to make this somewhat impersonal but ...) Thank you for the nice words.  It keeps me motivated.  Best wishes to you all!

    • kavitha

      Thanks for the tutorial Bob. I have learnt a lot.

    • Remi

      I have seen your videos again and again, its so worthful.
      Thank you for your kindeness to spend this much of time to make this videos to help us.

    • BobTabor

      @kavitha:  @Remi:  Thank you!  Glad the videos were worth your time!

    • Kurt77

      Hello Bob, Excellent series!  Your methods of teaching C# helps greatly.

    • Akeel

      Thanks Bob that was a great help..What's next?

    • BobTabor

      @Kurt77:  Awesome, thanks again for your comments.

      @Akeel:  Whew ... you mean I can't stop?  There's no pleasing you people.  Big Smile  Seriously, there are a few projects in the works.  Or, (shameless plug) you could always check out my website (http://www.learnvisualstudio.net).

    • amer

      Thank you Mr Bob,Best wishes for you and your family

    • BobTabor

      @amer: Best wishes to you as well.  Hope you enjoyed the series!

    • Helbards

      It's great series, I cant wait for advance series. Smiley

    • david

      I can not hear the sound

    • Ben

      Bob, I'd like to second the comments about the value of the series. I love it, and I'm sharing with my co-workers.

      BUT (attention getter) I am with David (2/27/2012). I can't hear the sound either, until I download and listen to it outside the browser. Since 1) most don't report this issue, 2) I get the same result in Firefox and IE, and 3) I can hear the rest of the Channel 9 videos fine, I guess the problem on my side. If anyone has suggestions, David and I would love to hear it. Thanks!

    • BobTabor



      I will call attention to the producer who encoded these videos.  Please understand after I deliver the videos it's out of my hands.  Still, I'm really sorry you're experiencing these issues!

    • Edward Luce

      Kudos for the great presentation, Bob. I really got a lot from the series on C#. My background is in VBA, so C# was a real come uppins for me. Thanks so much!

    • Alex219267

      Microsoft!! Do you want a new wave of Developers to target and use your .NET Technologies? Do you want these developers to have a solid understanding of Fundamental/Advanced Topics?

      THEN PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back BOB to do other series on Intermediate/Advanced C#/VB/ Other technologies....PLEASE!!!!!

      Bob Tabor's teaching approach brings clarity, he makes it relevant! It takes 1 spark of TRUE FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING of these technologies that start the beginning of new careers and makes individuals flock toward wanting TO KNOW MORE!! 

      There are a TONs of potential prospects out there WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED (college, high schools, current work force). All wanting to learn, but have no clue where and how to start.

      Hope you are listening Microsoft.....pretty please.....bring Bob Tabor back. Thousands of views don't lie. =)



    • MandarUmale

      Hi Bob,

      Great series with good knowledge....truly enjoyed it...

      I newbie to C#.net programming. Where can I learn about Windows Application Development using visual C#.net...

      Looking for your favorable response...

      thank you Smiley 

    • thens

      @BobTabor: Thank you so much Bob for these videos, they are simply superb and very easy to understand for every beginner who are stepping into the coding world of c#. I have enjoyed all the videos with very much attention, your style of teaching is cool.

      Then and there you have shared many real time scenarios and problem which the beginners will encounter, it was really helpful to correct us. Thanks for your motivational words, because of you i have got more interest in learning in C#. You are my C# Guru.

      Concluding thoughts was very helpful, and we are glad that we are going to get HTML,CSS, JavaScript absolute beginner series. 

      @Channel 9 Team: Thank you people for all the effort taken to start this kind of series.Expecting more in various technologies. Hats off to the Ch9 Team and Bob Tabor.

      Thank you all Again  Big Smile


    • Brian

      Thank you for doing this Mr. Tabor. I've just started transitioning to C#, and your video series has greatly lessened my anxiety.

      Dear Microsoft,

      Please work with Mr. Tabor to create more of these series on various topics. I thought the C# for Absolute Beginners series was fantastic.

    • rezaElc87

      hi, Mr. Tabor! I love your series. they are just awesome!

      it was a long time that I have been looking for something this great and I found it in here. with a great teacher! you are really different. I like the way you represent stuff in your videos. I enjoy these series so much that I have created "word files", collecting all of the main points of each episode in them with some more explanations about what I have tested myself about the topic.

      I think some people might find it useful. if you want, I would be honored to post it there so that other people could use it. just let me know if such a thing can be used there and tell me how can I post it. 

      mega thanks and best regards!

    • Bule

      Download the entire series' source code is dead.
      Please reupload source code

    • Bule

      Links is alive.

    • ILya

      Nice video! Mr. Tabor, are you going to make advanced c# lessons this year?

    • BobTabor

      Many nice things have been written here.  I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the kind words regarding my work.  It is an encouragement to me.  Smiley


      @rezaElc87:  I'm not sure how Microsoft handles that ... you could post it somewhere else and then just create a link somewhere in the comments.  That's really a Microsoft question, unfortunately I'm not sure how they want user submissions to work.  (Use the "Feedback" link below).


      @ILya: I have more advanced topics on my own website, http://www.learnvisualstudio.net ... hope that helps!  Microsoft hasn't asked me to create a more advanced series for Channel9 yet.

    • mohammad

      first able , i want to thank you Bob for this tutorials .
      they have helped me alot . i hope there w'll be much more in future .

    • skeasor

      Way to go...Nice intro coming from a php and java background. Are you aka "Uncle Bob"? Your voice sounds familiar.

    • Chaim

      Thanks Mr. Tabor, I'm new to programming, although I'm coming from VBA in Microsoft Access and Excel, I want now to move on to real stuff as C# and VB, so really appreciate these great serious of vids.

      I didn't listen to them yet, just downloaded them to view it in a better relaxing environment, hope it will give me the right push to realize that I could and will learn and understand it right.

      Keep on your good work.
      Wishing you the very best.

    • BobTabor

      @mohammad: Thank you!  Glad you liked them!

      @skeasor: Smiley  I'm too poor to be anyone else's uncle.  Big Smile

      @Chaim: Baby steps ... daily improvement, deliberate practice ... you can do this and more.  Best wishes to you!

    • Chaim

      Bob, thanks for the encouragement.
      keep on your good work.

    • skeasor

      @bob I figured out who uncle bob is. His name is Robert martin. He's been on Scott hanselman's podcast a few times. You guys sound a lot alike :) sorry I mixed you guys up. Nonetheless, thanks a lot. It was very helpful and helped me with what was going on with asp.net.

    • Sohail Akbar

      I havn't seen before such beautiful videos. Everything is fantastic in it. If you could guide me or provide me such kind of videos related to ASP.net. Infact I want to connect with my SQL databases using linq. I want to create web applications.
      Thanks a lot and great work done by you.

    • BobTabor

      @skeasor:  Ah yes, he's the original "Uncle Bob".  I'm merely the cheap copy.  Smiley  Love his book "Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C#".

      @Sohail Akbar: More videos like these re: ASP.NET at my website: http://www.learnvisualstudio.net

    • Deniz

      Thank you Bob for doing what you can for us beginners. Best wishes!

    • Penchal

      Dear Bob,Thank you very much for explaining big things in precise and understandable manner

    • Forro

      My thanks to you Bob for doing what you can for us beginners. Best wishes!

    • BishGupp


      Great series! I am looking forward to the next volume, and having a chance to review these again -(how ever long they are posted) - thanks to you and rest of the team.


    • Ryan

      This series has been so incredibly helpful as not only an introduction to C# and Visual Studio, but as a great jumping off point -- I really feel like it's given me the right knowledge to continue onto the next step of learning C# and the programming concepts surrounding it. Not to mention simply knowing the right places to start!

    • Logica​LInsanity

      Love this series...it's also good for some review if its been awhile since yo last worked with C#.


      Thanks bob!

    • Maha Lingam

      Hi Bob,

      I enjoyed and learned a lot with this series. I used to feel uncomfortable talking about .net programming which is completely vanished now. I gained more confident after watching and getting dirty with codes now. I thank you for the effort you have invested to teach beginners the C#. I will soon become a member of your personal website to learn more on C#. See you there.

      once again, thank you

    • BobTabor

      So many encouraging comments.  Thank you to:

      @Deniz: @Penchal: @Forro: @BishGupp: @Ryan: @LogicaLInsanity: @Maha Lingam:

      ... collectively, you've made my week.  Big Smile

    • Connie

      Awesome job, Bob! I'm a former software engineer who took time off to raise her family. I'm getting back into the programming world. My C++ and OOP skills are still applicable but learning this new platforms and the VS IDE has been a challenge. Your videos are well paced, basic enough for even the true beginner, friendly, and broken into manageable time chunks. Oorah!

    • BobTabor

      @Connie: If you're a C++ / OOP person, you're going to love how easy it is to move to  this platform and build real apps.  Glad you enjoyed the series and warm regards!

    • Rick


      Thanks for the great series videos on C# fundamentals. I just finished the final one on Closing thoughts and I appreciate the effort you made to simplify things in this series.


    • ShahidUllah

      I need a litle advance C Sharp video tutorial Please . . .

    • Comradephate



      Just got done going through all of these, thanks a ton!  I learn a lot better from video/audio, and these were a great introduction to both Visual Studio and C#.


    • Paul

      Excellent. Better than pluralsight, which is a paid product.

    • Steve Williams

      Hi Bob, Excellent series on C# intro and Visual Studio! Have been an embedded programmer using C for some time and making the move to PC programming. Started this some years ago and then stopped. This series is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to C#!!! Keep up the great work!

    • Justin

      Thanks Bob, Can't wait to get into these videos & to see if there's a programmer in me :)

    • SimK

      Thanks a lot, this is fantastic. Looking forward for more!

    • HCM

      Thank you for these videos! I have learned a great deal from this one as well as the HTML/CSS & Javascript videos.

    • Abdul Afrad

      you gave me the spirit to learn c sharp. Thanks a lot. God Bless You!

    • PJ1970

      Hi Bob,

      Just wanted to say thanks for this great kick start to C#. I've watched them all over the last few days and think the style, delivery and content is spot on. If I could have asked for one thing more it would have been some homework exercises for each session to help us get our hands dirty... but now I'm being greedy  Big Smile.

      Now on to your course on Windows 8 apps!

      Keep up the good work and thanks again from the UK,


    • BobTabor

      @PJ1970: Hi Peter, glad you like the videos!  To answer your question, I do *exactly* what you request re:exercises on the 22 hour version of this series on www.learnvisualstudio.net ... check it out!  Smiley

    • Yoonus

      Hi Bob,

      As someone who has previously not taken programming lessons prior to this, I found your video series to be the perfect beginner's guide to C# programming!

      Although i have had some exposure to programming by experimenting and self-studying, I have found your web series extremely useful and enlightening because I have, hopefully, learnt a lot of basic & key ideas that was previously unknown to me.

      I thank you for your enthusiasm and great delivery on this series. I look forward to your other series.

    • BobTabor

      @Yoonus: Very cool!  Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad it was time well spent for you.  Best wishes my friend!

    • karthiktl

      Hello Bob,

      Thank you for this series of video. It was very helpful. I want to develop apps for Windows Phone 8. Could you suggest what I learn or do next?


      Thank you,
      Karthik T L

    • BobTabor

      @karthiktl: Admittedly, there are a lot of new resources out there for v. 8, but I still like this series by yours truly  Smiley (albeit, for v. 7)


    • Justin

      Hi Bob,

      I have gone through about 58 of your video lessons here on C9. You are by far the best teacher on the net and I fully appreciate your videos!

      Thanks again.

    • karthikt


      Hello Bob,
      Thanks for your advice. I will definitely see those videos. By the way I have a doubt. What exactly is an argument in C#? And is the term any different than 'parameter'?

      Thank you,
      Karthik T L

    • BobTabor

      @Justin: Wow, thank you!

      @karthikt: Argument is a synonym for parameter (at least, the way I'm using those terms).  Sorry for the confusion!

    • Raul Nguyen from landOfGod

      Hi Bob ,
      Im considering to use yr website for further learning , higher lvl about c#.
      I saw the links that you posted about c#. 10 days worth of learning.
      Are those videos for higher level in C#?

      Thank you so much.

    • Andrew

      I'm a computer games programming student and I've found that some of the initial concepts were glossed over and they escaped me. This series has been instrumental in my grasping of the fundamentals of programming. The harder areas of programming are now a lot easier.

      Thank you so much Bob for taking the time to create a series like this, to help people like me. I'm eternally grateful. I shall be seeking you out in the future when I, inevitably, hit the next brick wall. Keep it up!

    • Josh

      Wow!! Thank you so much for this series. You really are a great teacher. I am working towards my degree at a low cost online school, and the C# materials they have given me aren't the best. I was enourmously frustrated until I found this series.

      Thank you again, and thank you Microsoft/Channel9 for making it available to us all!

    • CHM90

      This series is really awesome!

    • rogerkengele

      Thanks for the series; I just finished it!

    • Halliki

      Great series. I wanted to learn about C# as much as I can in a very short period of time. I have learned python so some things were already familiar. The pace was exactly right for me. I would suggest these videos to anyone who wants to learn C#.

    • washerguy1

      I feel really guilty taking classes, as to speak, and not paying for them. You and Microsoft have a true American spirit of educating dumb guys like me and lifting our knowledge of understanding C# along with complicated, developmental programing skills, to a better understanding of it. Even in my college lab class the instructor does not communicate all the necessary functions of C# as well as you have. Thank you so much and may you be blessed by your gifts to all who seek understanding, John

    • SRasberry00

      Thank you Bob and Microsoft for this series.  I am an "absolute" beginner in software development and I was becoming discouraged because I didn't have a clue as to where to start until I came across this series.  Now I know exactly in which direction I should be heading.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Mohamed Meeran

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks a lot for the videos. I learnt a lot from your videos.


    • Gloomyshroud

      Bob, thank you very much for all your time and effort. You've taught me more than any other resource I've ever encountered (and there are tons of them). I'm no teenager anymore, so finding something to suit my learning style is often difficult. You've hit the nail on the head, it would seem, as I have been able to independently make some neat apps with C# thanks to your fantastic tutorials.

      I took my time with them, rewound, reviewed, and "got my hands dirty" as you suggested. I also tinkered with the code way too much! In the end, I feel that I am ready for the next step after developing some interesting apps, breaking them all to pieces, reviewing some tutorials to find out why stuff was breaking or working as it should, and then putting it all back together. It's off to XNA for me now! 

      I have recommended this to my co-workers (as many others have also done). Again, thank you so very much Bob! 

    • Steve Stenglein


      I am a seasoned developer in multiple languages and needed to quickly learn C# syntax. The C# course was great. Your delivery and teaching style is wonderful.



    • Ady

      I've been teaching myself c# for the last couple of months having landed a new job as the only developer in my company, this has been quite stressful as the projects I have must be done by yesterday. I came across your fundamentals course and decided to 'start from scratch'. Although I have now used most of the tech you describe I wasn't 100%. With you clear instruction I have managed to cross the t's and dotted the i's, thanks for helping release the stress.

    • sami abood

      Thanks Sir . wish u the best

    • Ivan

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you very much for the tutorial, it is amazing. For your information I am a Spanish guy living in Poland and thanks to your tutorial I managed to find a great junior developer position in the corporation I was working for :) So you could say that thanks to you I started a, what I hope to be, great developer career in a foreign country for me.

      Thanks a lot! Keep the good work :)


      Ivan Castillo.

    • Eder Meza

      Hello Bob,Thanks for this series of videos. I'm from México so my English isn't very good for now. Do you know how to write code with Infopath 2007 and C#?. I read some in MSDN but I can´t understand much

      You're the best

    • Mohit Kesarwani Photon

      Hi!, you gave a great series!
      waiting for the new series not for beginner.
      Please inform us we will be waiting.

    • Yodatech

      Hi Bob,

      I study your vids day and night including weekends.  I am pushing myself to finish and comprehend at the same time. Some days when I reach a plato I just shutdown and pick up later.

      Is there a fast way that I can comprehend and master C# .Net.

        I have been enjoying your training, it is awesome!

    • booleanCoder

      Hi Bob,

      This is a fantastic series and it's been such a pleasure to learn. You are a great teacher!!

      Just want to thank you for the amazing tutorials. I am happy that I got a great kick start to C#.

      As you say, it's just a matter of reading more and getting hands dirty with coding.

      Warm Regards

    • Adil

      Hi Sir Bob
      It is a very nice sequence of lessons you have taught.

      I am searching for some advanced lessons like Entity Model, (linq to entity etc). If you have made related lessons please let us know. Thanks

      Adil Khursheed

    • noobcsharp


      the filename is incorrect...it should be 24...not 23 Smiley

    • KGar

      Thanks for the great video series, Bob! It really kick-started my C# learning.

    • sotvonline

      Great, wonderful and very well organized.  The series was just what I needed.  I just subscribed to your website to start the 10 Day C# video series, can't wait to get going.



    • Edwin

      Very good video's, i learned more in 4 days then i should learn from 3 weeks reading books.

      Thank you very much Bob !

      Edwin (Belgium)

    • Anny

      Very good video's, I am starter learner in c#, it is a good basic knowledge for me.
      Thanks Bob!

    • json

      maybe missed in another video, but do you recommend C# over VB.NET as a first .NET language?

      With things like Xamarin, the asp.net site, certifications, posts on dice.com etc around it seems all examples and push is go with C#.

    • L Cat

      I was just a beginner... but now I am a developer! I am waiting for new stuffs from you Bob...PLEASE COME BACK WITH NEW VIDEOS! Thank you BOB!!!

    • Spellmaker

      Great video series Bob. Thank you. I've been on marketing for a while now as here in Mexico video game development is kind of new... well we stink at it, so I don't really have anywhere to go besides the corporate world. Yet I've always wanted to develop videogames so I began a month ago thanks to your videos that helped me to understand what I found on XNA MSDN. Well, let's see where we get at! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Yunus jamal

      Thanks a lot sir! for presenting such a valuable stuff! Really it needs to be praised a lot for your act of kindness to us. Your way is certainly a source of inspiration for me...

    • Muhammad Hasan

      Very very very nice Thanks a million mr tabor i was in need of those concepts which you covered in this series.

      Except one thing. in this current video you've mentioned something like SOLID << if possible please provide a video for this too.

      Please also make videos on understanding Async and await.

      also recommend me something as i am preparing myself for Exam:70-483.

    • Rupesh001

      Just finished watching this series.....................

      Feeling great..........

      Bob you are simply AWESOME.....

      Thanks a lot for making my C# Foundation SOUND and SOLID.

    • BriDominguez

      Bob this was an excellent series, I will definitely look at your stuff first before anyone else!

    • Chamika Lakshan Perera

      Bob this was an awasome lecture series.I recommended others to fallow this video series.Thanks!!!!!!!

    • Raman K Jha

      It has been an excellent learning experience watching videos and understanding C# basics.Quite a few topics have been left out like Deligates,Interface,Structures and PLINQ.Anyway, that does not robb of its objective. Thanks Bob, love you.

    • Clint

      @Raman K Jha: The series was designed to get you up and going, not be a full Computer Science track in a university.  If you want to learn things like that, you know have the base knowledge to get going and ask those questions like "Hey, what is an interface and why would I use it" and "What is the difference between LINQ and PLINQ, why should I use one over the other"

    • Erick Garcia

      Thank you very much for all the videos you are such a great guy keep working like that =)

    • gtomczyk

      Bob, your basic training is awesome.
      Well, you are great in sharing your knowledge in appropriate pieces.
      Concluding Thoughts shows how you care about your students. That's great how you instruct us on our future programming path.

      Many thanks for your generosity! You are awesome!

    • Michael

      Bob, this series was fantastic. I'm hooked. So many things became clear watching your series.

      I always feel some suggestions are due, I would recommend perhaps a code share link where users can simply grab the code off of the screen as opposed to downloading complete solutions.

      Thanks again for your contribution and best wishes.

    • Clint

      @Michael: we do actually have code samples, we didn't direct link to them like we did in the WP8 series.   http://media.ch9.ms/csharpfundamentals/code/C9CS_Code.zip is a direct link


    • Clint

      @Michael: *certain descriptions do list the direct link as well depending on the lesson being taught Smiley

    • noman308

      You guys are awesome. I learned alot from all of your series. I need some help, I am doing my project on intelligent home automation. I controlled my appliances through windows form application by serial connection with micro-controller. I also made wp8 app(client) which can communicate with windows form(server) on local ip. On both wp8 & windows form apps, i can see sensor values and appliances status (on/off). Now i want to make a website(client for my windows form server) which will synchronise data(sensor values & appliances status) with windows form app. How can i make that website???  & Which database should i use???? my goal is to make it as a product and there will be some number of users, every user will have his/her account and can see house status.

    • Clint

      @noman308: a lot of those choices are up to you.  Since this is outside the topic of this lesson, I'd suggest asking that question in the Channel 9 coffee house forums or over at one of the http://www.asp.net/ forums.

      One solution doesn't fix every case.  A lot will be you trying new stuff.

    • Razor

      thnx bob u r awesome keep it up and upload c sharp code series 2 ...pls fast

    • nf7

      Hello Bob, I just wanted to say that this video series was absolutely excellent. You are an incredible teacher. Have a good one!

    • Dan

      Great explainations, you are a great teacher!! While must still admit I feel like I have not yet even BEGUN to scratch the surface, now I at least have a clue what the surface consists of :)


    • Harmanpreet Singh

      Amazing series for beginners. Bob, thank u so much :)

    • girma

      hi bob. i have no word to express your teaching method. you made life easy by your presentation. thanks a lot. our world needs teacher such like u to make clear things that are very complicated. u are also honest besides your ability of programming. love u and wish long life with your family to u.

    • Rajeshwari Balachandra

      Thanks a lott for the beautiful video bob :) :)
      I've learnt a lotttttt :)

    • hight3ch

      These videos are more then enough for beginners.

      Although, im doing java for almost one year now, but these videos helped me out to learn another great language (C#)(Though, i had some knowledge about VB .NET as well, from my college.).

      Hopefully, im ready for windows phone development now.


      Thanks for the time you have spent. Appreciate it sir.

    • Clint
    • hight3ch

      @Clint: Yes. I already found those videos. But there is a thing i want to ask, not sure if this is a right place or not, but i will give it a try. Well, right now im not able to have/work with WP8, but only WP7. So, my question/s  is/are: If i learn WP7 development now, will it affect my later move onto Windows Phone 8? The thing is, i dont want to wait until i can work with WP8, i would like to start with WP7 tomorrow already...Is WP7 development "old" to learn?

    • Clint

      @hight3ch: there are API changes between WP7 and WP8, nothing end of the world.  We do have a ABS series for WP7 as well!

    • varunsinghal

      @Bob Tabor

      sir your style of teaching and the methodology is incredible.

      I really loved your series , i just wish my college faculty could teach like you .

      you are a genius sir .

    • Vin

      Great videos. just starting to learn c# to utilize for work. This was a great starting point. I really learned a lot. went over each video twice and plan to go through them again.

    • goaty1992

      Your series are very helpful. Absolutely recommended for starter.

    • Yoooo

      Bob Tabor.. you're a straight up gangster!!

      I've been dabbling in programming for years just because it's awesome to build stuff whether it's a computer program or a house but I've never done anything in C# or Visual Studio.

      This is among the best beginner programming tutorials I've seen.

      And while I admit to not knowing much about programming, I've been in various IT positions at work(or at home) and this video(24 - Concluding Thoughts)should be ESSENTIAL for everyone who owns a computer. It should be the first video to open after people install Windows or turn on their computer for the first time.

    • perezdi

      This course was really, really great. I really could break the line where I couldn't understand certain concepts and now I really think I can program. This was very enlightning and a plus to my confidence. Thank you very much, Bob!

    • srmt

      it is hard to find such a good tutorial like yours
      thank you very very much Bob
      best wishes

    • Stan Holland


      First of all, your communication skills are absolutely superb. You've made some rather difficult topics much easier to grasp, all while keeping your audience members smiling along the way. Kudos.

      Secondly, and most importantly, thank you. I realize you've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these tutorial videos, audio files and resources. I can tell you that your time has not been spent in vain.

      Many thanks and all the best.

      Stan Holland

    • zhendong

      Thank you ~ Best wishes!!

    • Dtthea

      Just went through all the lessons, huge thanks to Bob Tabor and Channel9 for making this available!

    • Matt

      Mr. Tabor, just a quick note to thank you for this series. I was coming from a background of HTML, CSS and JavaScript / jQuery and I wanted to make the jump into C# / ASP.NET MVC / maybe some basic Windows Apps.

      Learning C# seemed like the place to go, and these videos were just what the doctor ordered. By the end of the series, I could do most of what I knew how to do in JavaScript in C# as well, and I feel confident diving deeper into ASP.NET with your series as a foundation.

      Great work, it is very appreciated!

      San Luis Obispo, CA

    • Stephanie Neely

      I have an internship at a company and I'm about to be hired on full time when I graduate (3 weeks!) and I've done lots of searching for tutorials and watched many videos. Yours alone has helped me understand basic concepts I never could quite get. Thank you!

    • jaingeneva

      Bob's fundamental series has been absolutely great. I find your presentation to be so clear and organised. Just want to thank you for making this available to the community. Looking forward to starting another series right now.THANKS a lot.

    • TXiaoYaoZi

      ur series is soooooooooo GREAT ! 

      THANKs A lot .

    • Aalexashka

      Спасибо! Thank you!!!

    • Srihari

      Hi Bob.. Ur series is great to understand all the fundamental concepts on c#. I am a beginner and I have a great idea of all the concepts yu taught. But whenever it comes to problem solving, I find it really difficult to implement those ideas into it. Especially where a scenario is given and yu will have to code for dat. Suggest me some ways to become conceptually strong even during the implementation.

    • Denis OHara

      This is a excellent course especially if you have come from a procedural based language to an OO language.


    • Alireza

      I had no clue about any sort of coding, but this series helped me alot. after almost 3 years i really hope Bob sees my comment here. I just wanted to say thank you sir. you are one of the better people in this world.

      I dont know where you are now, but I wish you the best in your life. Guys like you are very rare these days.
      I will take a look at your website and apply for membership there. your work is worth a lot.

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