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Dissecting the First C# Program You Created - 03

23 minutes, 11 seconds


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This lesson picks up from the previous one by discussing at length each completed action and written line of code. It discusses the relationship between the C# code, the C# compiler, the .NET Framework, and more. The lesson discusses the concept of code blocks at a high level explaining how methods, classes, and namespaces are related. Finally, the lesson shows you where your project files are stored and the location of code compiled by the Visual Studio IDE as well as the different types of compilation (i.e., debug compilation versus release compilation).




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  • Where is the awesome intro music tunes???  J/k

  • RobRob

    Easy to understand video. Thanks.
    "It gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot" :)

  • ArwenArwen

    Fantastic series. I truly appreciate your clarity and enthusiasm.

  • Naqi AghaNaqi Agha

    Sir from where can I find complete series of
    "Day 01, Video 02 Core C# - Building your First Application in C#"
    these tutorials for free?? Complete 22 hours??

  • Naqi AghaNaqi Agha

    Str kindlt help!!
    I don't have a "release" folder with that "debug" folder.
    even after building solution.
    Please reply soon

  • @Naqi Agha: Hi! 

    re: 22 hour C# series ... The series you are referencing is not free.  I have posted a few on YouTube for promotional purposes.  Please see my website for more information.

    re: release folder ... what I post below is from the VB version of this video, so I'm copying the comments from that video that address the same question:



    The release folder is used when a release version of the application is created.  To create a release version IN VB EXPRESS EDITION, you must choose the menu option Debug | Build <<your project name>>.  Likewise, the Debug version of the application will not appear in the Debug folder until you run (Start Debugging / F5) at least once.

    IN VISUAL STUDIO 2010 PRO: You first choose the pre-created Release configuration from the Configuration Manager (Build | Configuration Manager ... or the Solutions Configuration drop down box on the toolbar ... next to the green Start Debugging arrow icon) then select Build | Build <<your project name>>.

    I just did this in the PRO version and got this output in the Output window:

    ------ Build started: Project: HelloWorld, Configuration: Release x86 ------
      HelloWorld -> C:\Users\Robert Tabor\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\HelloWorld\HelloWorld\bin\Release\HelloWorld.exe
    ========== Build: 1 succeeded or up-to-date, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========


    This points you to the folder where it was released (see the message, above).  Hope that helps?  Perhaps it was outputting in a different directory than you were anticipating?

  • Naqi AghaNaqi Agha

    Thanks Sir! that issue is resolved :) now i have the release folder !!
    but now a new but related issue has just arouse :|
    Sir the DEBUG folder in your video contains files:
    But my DEBUG folder don't contains "HelloWorld.vshost.exe.manifest" file.

    But all these four file which I have mentioned above are present in my RELEASE folder. Where as the RELEASE folder in the VIDEO only contains files:

    Sir, I am asking this issue because, as u have mentioned that the release folder should only contain the files which we have to give to others. But in my case it contains it all. What should I do??

  • @Naqi Agha: It might generate those other files, however it doesn't need them.  To prove it, just delete those extra files, THEN double-click the .exe file ... it should still work!  Smiley

  • SaviSavi

    Dear Mr Tabor,
    Is there an easy way to download these videos?
    It takes lot of time to buffer + I cnt download em easily like youtube videos
    Plz help me.I realy wanna go through these videos

  • @Savi:  Hi, look at the video player at the very top of this page ... to the right of it, there's a way to download in 4 or 5 different video formats.  Hope that helps!

  • Steve ButlerSteve Butler

    I'm having issues hearing the audio on these videos - am I doing something wrong? I've tried IE and Firefox and have tried Auto / Progressive and HTML5 format.

    Soundcard IS working (I can hear mp3/wav fine) ... just struggling to get sound on these silverlight assets...

  • @Steve Butler:  Hi Steve, unfortunately I'm not sure I can help but I can recommend two things:  (1) use the Feedback link in the footer to let the Channel9 team know the issues you're having.  They take this stuff seriously.  (2) try downloading the videos (see links next to the streaming area) ... you're more likely to have success when running them locally.  Hope that helps!

  • OlaOla
    Kudos to you Bob and your team for the clarity you bring to teaching programming concepts with C# in these videos. Your passion for what you do gets through to the audience.
  • @Ola: Thank you Ola, awesome comments.  Smiley

  • Thanks mr Bob for these videos also I'd to ask you because i'm interesting for Windows phone develpment can I develop with windows phone without to have a good idea for c# 

  • CarterCarter

    Great videos. I've been trying to get into programming for about half a year now and always been turned off by the amount i need to learn but the clarity, depth and encouragement in your videos is amazing. I'm really starting to enjoy programming now, thank you.

  • @MahmoudTunisie:  Sorry I missed your question from almost two weeks ago!!! You will need to know some C# to create even the most basic applications for the Phone.  You could drag and drop controls on to the designer surface and create a user interface without knowing C#, however to do anything meaningful you will need to get your hands dirty and write some C# ... c'mon.  It's not that bad -- and frankly writing the code is the FUN PART!!!

    @Carter: Thanks Carter ... I strive for clarity and encouragement ... I think that is important when teaching others.  Glad these are helping you!

  • TerriTerri

    Bob, thank you so much for these videos. I have a background in programming (system programmer for IBM on MVS in the 80's - assembler) and would get a headache when OOP was mentioned. You have made this very easy for me. Funny thing - even when I am not on the classes I am thinking about all the cool things I can do with this.. You have done a terrific job - and no JCL (Job Control Language) to worry about :) Again - thank you. Now maybe I can get a job ....

  • Thennarasanthens #(: Known is a Drop, UnKnown is an Ocean :)#

    @BobTabor: Crystal Clear Explanations Bob, thank you so much for that, it's really encouraging  to watch your videos more  Big Smile

  • R DhaliwalRDhaliwal Dhaliwal

    Great job !

  • anty-socialantisocial Trying to think but nuthin happens !!

    Good job in explaning the whys and the hows. 10Q

  • Jag mohanJag mohan

    Thanks for these super videos ...

    i am trying to build simple applications with Express edition ... thank you...keep it up ...

  • @Terri: @thensMadRDhaliwalMadantisocialMadJag mohan: Thank you all, great encouraging words.  Smiley

  • very good job....bob, you make programming fun. God bless u.

  • VijuViju

    Hi Bob, Really nice videos.. It really helps....Now I am gonna get my hands dirty with C# . Really appreciate your enthusiasm and clarity in these videos. Thank you very much!!!!

  • @chuckbgh: Great!  Glad that you're having fun with this!

    @Viju: You're welcome, and thank you for the kind words.  Here's hoping you get your hands dirty and build something cool!

  • Katie RKatie R

    Bob, super videos!! I've taken several instructor led C# classes and still had not learned what I've learned in just the first few of your tutorials! you make everything seem clear and concentrate on the WHY and behind the scenes pieces that have been missing for me. AWESOME job! Thanks!

  • @Katie R: Wow, thanks for the compliment!

  • Great C# training videos indeed, so far! Thank you!

  • David CDavid C

    I would like to thank you for your detailed and (to me) concise teaching.
    My level of expertise is... well, I programed in AppleSoft BASIC back in the 80's, and was pretty good at it. So I have the flow and logic of programming down.
    I have designed and created reports, querrys, and forms in Access, so some of the IDE tools feel familiar.
    Your videos have filled in some blanks that other video and written tutorials have left me wondering about - like, I was hung up on what a Class was. Your simple explanation got me past the fear that I am not paying enough attention to a class and using it in my code. As my skills increase and my "Solutions" get bigger, I know I will need to use classes. ...and it's thanks to you that I know that now.

  • @NikYaz: Thanks!

    @David C: Very cool ... my early definition of classes will not suffice LONG TERM, but in the short term it should be a good working definition.  You'll come to think of them in more conceptual / abstract terms as you learn more about Object Oriented Programming.  Good luck and thanks for the kind words!

  • DiogoDiogo

    I've already searched for and read some other material about C# and Visual Studio, but your video series seems to be much more clear and practical! Like someone above said, your passion for what you do gets through to the audience. I think now I can finally dive myself into programming.
    Also it's great to see you still take the time to answer our comments and doubts.
    Keep up the good work, and Thank You!

  • NoorNoor

    I have not seen video lectures like yours anywhere. Thanks

  • martinmartin

    Hi, great tutorials, very clear. +1 for clarity & making it interesting too

  • BigcodedawgBigcodedawg

    Its been awhile since I have bitten into C#, in highschool to be exact, so this is a nice refresher and reminder of all the key concepts that I need to know to code in C# Thanks!

  • pppppp

    I think you should graphically reference how FRAMEWORK,USING, NAMESPACE,CLASS,METHOD.. works so new user can understand...PICTURE IS 1000 WORDS.

  • cnewbiecnewbie

    Thank you for taking the time to produce this high quality video. It's just what I need to get started. I'm starting to work with an app that uses c# in VS...most stuff is already written, so just need to understand it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I assume there is a 'for purchase' video(s) I can do after the immersion?

  • @cnewbie: Yeah, I have a 22 hour series + a lot more on my own website:


  • AniketAniket

    Hello Bob, your are did very good job....really appreciate your videos and it will really helpful.once again Thanks a lot....!!!!

  • CuriousCurious

    Great video series - thank you. One quick question (pardon my absolute newbie-ness) I understand that 'WriteLine' writes the text with a line break. What I don't understand, and what wasn't addressed in this video, is the second line of code, 'ReadLine'. Why is that there? Is it some standard format thing (a WriteLine is always followed by a ReadLine), or is there something else going on? Please explain. Thanks!

  • Curious, I definitely could be wrong here as I'm a total beginner....but I believe the Console.ReadLine(); is put in to keep the console window open to see the WriteLine("string");.  If the ReadLine wasn't there, the console window would just print the string and close so fast you wouldn't see it.  The ReadLine keeps the console open to wait for the user to type something to close the program out.

  • @Curious:TechAZ has the correct answer.  

    Just a tip from one noob to another: When learning to program you are going to come across many commands in syntax that you don't understand. It would behoove you to learn to answer your own questions.

    For example, in this case you wanted to know what the ReadLine(); was for. Here are some ways I would go about answering that question for myself:

    1. Try removing that segment of the syntax and then executing the program. This approach will generally lead to compile errors but you may see a change in behavior in the program. In this case you would notice the DOS box pop up and immediately disappear.
    2. In the Visual Studio IDE highlight the syntax in question "ReadLine" and then press F1. This will take you to an online resource for the specific method and provide further details.
    3. Next, you can always Google for the answer. Something like "C# ReadLine" or "C# why use ReadLine" The second result from the second search returned a page with this info:

      Pause before exit

      You can insert a Console.ReadLine method call at the end of the Main method—or even in a finally block in the Main method. This will ensure the terminal window is never dismissed by Windows immediately on program completion.

    I hope this helps. I'm not saying you were wrong in asking here, but you can get answers to questions pretty quick if you are willing to put some work in to it.

  • TangTang

    I want to watch,but my English isn't good.

  • Osvaldo RodriguezOsvaldo Rodriguez

    Hello Bob, even though I am not a experienced programmer I have heard that some people optimize those framework libraries, is it posible to optimize them for more speed and to make the math process faster?

  • ChristieChristie

    Excellent videos! But need to clarify, the saying is "give yourself enough rope to hang yourself with". :-)

  • Thanks Bob for this series.

    I have learnt C# through self-paced training couple of years ago. However, I am going through this series to fill in the missing pieces of information that I might have missed.

    Can you please explain what are those PDB files?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @SavindraSingh: a pdb file is just a debug file that holds project state and other items.   http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/yd4f8bd1(v=VS.71).aspx

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Christie: it is a phrase in the USA that means basically we'll let you do just enough to get in to an area were you feel uncomfortable.  Smiley

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Osvaldo Rodriguez: doing release builds will boost speed but at the same time, I strongly advice against optimizing for the sake that you think you're optimizing.  Measuring and profiling are key items so you fix what needs fixing.

    Also verify do you actually have a performance issue before you start doing stuff. 

  • BrianBrian

    Just discovered the beginner series of videos on Channel9. Have always wanted to get into programming but was put off from my school days experience of BASIC. I am following the C# series as recommended in the video. Really love the straightforward and detailed explanation to everything. Thank you.

  • SagarSagar

    Awesome! It was funny watching you actually navigate to notepad, when you could have just selected it in the list.

  • SteffenSteffen

    This is a very helpful series. Thank you!

  • AlexAlex

    Great video but this video player is terrible!

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Alex: in what way is it terrible? We can't improve without feedback Smiley

  • Ashutosh AAshutosh A

    Hi Bob,
    While searching for windows 8 Development tutorials i found your videos...
    just few words for you "awesome job. Please keep it up"

  • Hello Sir,

    Thank you for the clear and understandable explanations and videos.

    I am brand new to C# and so far the journey is very pleasant. 

    Kindest regards, Kevin

  • Dear Bob, Learning my 1st Oops based language C# have been a memorable experience, the way you gradually upgrade, improvise the code making it rather efficient then & there proved to be very impressive.(I have undergone all 23 video chapters). Thanks to Bob & MVA.

  • I am using Visual Studio 2012 Pro Edition. Even after successfully building the solution I couldn't find the Release folder anywhere in the HelloWorld folder. So where will I find it??

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @thenerd: change your build from "debug" to "release"  It will be next to the "play button" in a combo box in the application bar

  • @Clint: Thanks..it helped.

  • ekta prashnaniekta prashnani


    My bin folder doesn't contain Release folder. Even after running the "build succeeded", Release directory doesn't show up. What do I do?


  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @ekta prashnani:change your build from "debug" to "release"  It will be next to the "play button" in a combo box in the application bar.  Release folder will be created then as you're building your application in release mode

  • willwill

    Thanks Bob for a great intro into the world of C#, I find C# programming very interesting and ultimately the next step in my career. I use PowerShell for just about everything but it's getting hard to explain my scripts and even programs I have made for interactive use. Many of the people I deal with are scared or hate the command line and don't wont to know. So my goal is to learn C# which will help me make a GUI for people to click buttons while the code I make is executing under the hood. Is that possible Bob please let me know.

  • Mohammad HaririMohammad Hariri

    Hey all! I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop to follow along with this great series. VS didn't create a Release folder in the bin folder even though I chose to Debug -> Build Solution. Is there another way around this in VS 2012? Thanks!

  • JasJas

    Thank you Sir Bob. It helps me on my C# Subject.


    @Mohammad Hariri: I had the same problem, Clint answered it above. You must change a dropdown box just to the right of the "Play" button from "Debug" to "Release", then build the solution again and the release folder will appear.

  • gerp124gerp124

    Thanks! That was exactly my problem.

  • ButchButch

    I am glad I came to this forum to see that I am not the only one who did not have the release folder. I am using VS 2013 Express and the advice from Clint was exactly what the Dr. ordered.

    Thank you for the help Clint.

    Great series Bob took the HTML and CSS series before this one and it was a great help as well.

  • SayakSayak

    Its an Awesome series.
    But when i write "Console.Read();" OR "Console.ReadKey();" instead of "Console.ReadLine();" it works. Whats That? like there isn't ant differences?

  • Great videos! Thank you very much! Angel


  • AliAli

    HI Mr Tabor sir,
    I appreciate your talent. But what next. Every video in ur website i will have to pay :( what abt people who cant afford. they never get to learn from ur website ? Your knowledge will then only peirce mind and not heart. what great it wud be if everybody could access u just gave a donate option.

  • one of the most amazing and easy to understand video on such a complex topic PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. best part of this video


    1. very easy to understand.

    2. everytime I felt that I might not understand right at that moment magically he replies NOT TO WORRY and make me relax and more confident to understand. and actually later on he does that.

    3. live coding.

    became a fan of his way of teaching. 

  • sivasiva

    Good Job sir:)

  • @Sayak:

    Console.Read() reads only the next character from standard input,
    and Console.ReadLine() reads the next line of characters from the input stream.

  • Dennis TDennis T

    *"enough rope to hang yourself with"

  • controlstorecontrolstore

    1st what an absolutely great series- thank you Microsoft!!! I have looked at a lot of series to begin the process of learning to code and this is by far the best I have found to date.

    2nd Bob Tabor- WOW!!! What a teacher; enthusiastic, encouraging, trustworthy (in the sense you trust he is going to get to everything and be thorough). He is very clear and concise and I hope he has a lot more content in your training library- thank you sir for your effort :)

  • SomeGuySomeGuy

    Programming sucks.....writing programs for a dumb computer, is the d umbest thing to do in life !

  • Excellent Start !!! Bob your very patient and thorough

  • Hello dear Bob. You should create a Facebook page.Because it useful and it would be easy to follow. You are an amazing teacher.

  • AlexanderAlexander

    Thank you mr. Bob ! I really needed a good tutorial ! You gave me hope and will pursue my dream of being a programmer ! Kudos and keep up the good work.

  • wasiwasi

    man you are the bomb!

  • Pedro RochaPedro Rocha

    I started to learn VB, and i kinda mastered i already, how hard will be to learn C#?

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