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Quick Overview of the Visual C# Express Edition IDE - 04

18 minutes, 58 seconds


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This lesson demonstrates some common Visual Studio IDE features, various windows, debugging features, code window features, customizations, and more found in Visual C# Express Edition. A more complete discussion of features is found in the Visual C# Express Edition Fundamentals series and the Visual Studio Fundamentals series, both of which are available on Channel9.


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    That was cool! It gives a way to be in control of the environment of one's project.


  • Fiyat KarsilastirmaFiyat ​Karsilastir​ma


  • I appreciate the clarity you bring to this series!  I am also looking for something similar for MS Access (introduction to database management) and XHTML programming.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

  • @twentytwelve: Hi, I'm **sure** there's something out there that you are looking for however I'm not aware of it.  There used to be a SQL Server series that I created years ago on Microsoft's Beginner Developer Center (if that even exists anymore) but they buried it under layers of other content through the years.  You may benefit from the C# course on my own website where I spend  quite a while discussing relational database theory, creating databases in SQL Server, CRUD operations in ADO.NET and Entity Framework and more.  Best wishes!

  • meow nowmeow now

    why are you using the code in the program.cs as opposed to the helloworld.cs- i thought the program.cs is for the compiler to know where to start (insertion point)

  • @meow now: you bring up an important point about these videos, as well as almost every single "small demo application" you will ever see in any book, article, website, video, etc. ... and that is this: the "architecture" you see in a tiny demo is vastly different from what you should use in a real project.  

    So, here we use program.cs's public void main() PRECISELY because it is the start-up object.  Since the output of the application is a .exe, the .NET Framework would expect to see an assembly that has a main() method inside the startup object.  Again, since we want to teach C# in tiny bits and pieces, I'm doing what most instructors do -- putting code in the main() method of the startup object (I.e., HelloWorld.Program)  However, ( a ) you're probably not going to build console applications for applications you hope to distribute throughout your organization, ( b ) you would probably give more thought to delegating the responsibilities in your application to other layers of classes inside your application, should you decide to create a console application.  In that case, the main() method would merely kick off the creation of these other code layers that, in turn, call other layers of classes and so forth.  The moral of the story -- demo "architecture" != real "architecture".

    And, by the way, you can change the default entry point (Startup object) on a project by project basis using the Project's Properties dialog, Application tab, Startup object: drop down list.  This merely changes the call out to the underlying csc.exe (C# compiler).  

    Sorry for the wordy explanation to a simple question ... there were a lot of facets to the issue that I wanted to address.  Ultimately, this is not something you need to really know about to create .NET applications unless you hope to do something "out of the ordinary", whatever that means.  Smiley

  • karteekkarteek

    Great work Bob.....

  • JohnGJohnG

    I recently started delving into the mysteries of C# and I was looking for explanations all around the web. So far, this series of tutorials is the most detailed I've seen. It also helps that I see a video with live explanation. I am "visual" guy :P

    Great work Mr. Tabor!!!

  • JoshJosh

    this is awesome
    using JUST what i have learned so far plus the VERY few things i already knew i was able to add (all by myself) to this hello world app a check to see if you caps lock is on. if it is on it states under hello world! "by the way your caps lock is on". if it is off it does not display anything.

  • SophieSophie

    I need to learn about forms.. If I understand it right, there's videos about it, as Bob and the text says "A more complete discussion of features is found in the Visual C# Express Edition Fundamentals series and the Visual Studio Fundamentals series, both of which are available on Channel9." The problem is that I can't find either of them, have anybody else found them?

  • @karteekMadJohnG: Thank you!

    @Josh:  Nice.  Experimentation is a common trait amongst great developers!

    @Sophie: My bad ... I probably shouldn't have counted my chickens before the eggs were hatched.  We talked about creating those series, but then new and different ideas popped up and we forgot we had talked about those series.  However, I've got to think somewhere on Channel9 someone has talked about these topics in length (just not me).  Sorry!!!

  • JoshJosh

    These are the most helpful videos I have found yet! Thank you very, very much.

  • Great Vidios. Just adds that bit more info in addition the the Microsoft Step by Step C# books. Also Just adds that confidence that I am understanding the Book material correctly.Great stuff.

  • TomTom

    I am unable to find either to the series mentioned below.

    A more complete discussion of features is found in the Visual C# Express Edition Fundamentals series and the Visual Studio Fundamentals series, both of which are available on Channel9.

  • Hy Sir!

    I want to ask you that i want to learn Asp.net using c#. So please suggest me that i will start my journey by starting to learn c#? I have already know the basic of c++ and OOP.

  • DavidDavid

    Does lessons still are creating ? :) how long its gonna take for me to learn C#?

  • Great series! Will I have difficulty if I try to do the series, some at work, and some at home? Can I use Skydrive to copy up the solution's file structure, then download it at work, modify it, re up-load, then do it again at home?

    Also, can I use VS12 Ultimate at work and  VS12 Express at home, will the solution work in both? 


  • JayJay

    This is wonderful very clearly and well present I never see tutor like that.

    Thank you

  • fwg54fwg54

    希望得到C# 视频讲座 因为本人已经年纪60有余 学习较缓慢,需要慢慢吸收。往复看,才能够领会。

  • fwg54fwg54

    今天,写数据库与 Dataset这样导入,没有成功,还有怎么样与ReportViewer数据库的链接没有实现,想救助您。

    谢谢 !

  • Luis Antonio Tenorio DiazLuis Antonio Tenorio Diaz

    Wow! You're a really good teacher. Very concise, specific and above all, enthusiastic. Thank you. Sorry about my english.

  • yunus jamalyunus jamal

    Thanks a lot for your valuable explanation...:)

  • KevinKevin

    Hello Bob, thank's for your time, it was so good your explanation. I'm from LAtin America (Perú) and I apreciate your work.

  • StephenStephen

    Excellent videos. I am also watching CBT nuggets "Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Software Development Fundamentals 98-361" series and I must say your videos are much more in depth in explaining the basics of syntax and other core functionality which has given me a better visual of how .net works.
    I just started this video series and I am very impressed. I currently work as a Systems Administrator and would like to break out into the development world and this seems like the best place to get a foot hold in the development world.

    Thanks for the videos

  • Jeff GuyJeff Guy

    I agree. This is by far the most informational video I've ever seen...doubly so in the How-To Computer guides. I feel like I can actually figure it out now instead of racking my brain on it. Thanks alot for the help Bob!


  • Great Video for me becasue i am working Microsoft as SDET and all video helped me to learned C#. Thanks Bob

  • OnurOnur

    great job. I was looking for something like that.

    greeting from belgium!

  • YusufYusuf

    OMG...!!! i cant tell u how helpful yr series is...!!! Thanx a Billion man..!!! \m/ U rock!!!

  • Great Video for me.

  • Great 

    but we need some quizzes after lectures. 

  • I am using Visual Studio 2012 Pro Edition. 

    I have my properties window located at the bottom. Its in Auto Hide mode and docked. I want to move it to right corner but not able to do so. How can I do it??

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @thenerd: click and hold the title bar, you'll see a few things pop up on the screen, drag over one of those hot spots

  • @Clint: title bar of the VS?? tried everywhere, nothing pop ups..may be I am getting it wrong.

    What should I do??

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"


  • DavidDavid

    There is no sound coming out of this video. How can I fix this issue?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @David: do you get audio if you download the video?  Are you sure your audio isn't muted?

  • thx...realy u are a good teacher...

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