Building Cloud Business Apps for Office 365 with Visual Studio 2013

A Cloud Business App is a new project template in Visual Studio 2013 that streamlines the way you build apps for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 with a set of tools and designers for building apps that are all about data and collaboration around that data. Cloud Business Apps are particularly well suited for building business apps for a variety of modern mobile and tablet devices because the UI is based on HTML5 & JQuery Mobile and will automatically adjust to multiple device form factors.

The types of apps you build using the Visual Studio Cloud Business App project typically need to consume and aggregate multiple data sources as well as enable collaboration around that data easily. With Cloud Business Apps a developer doesn't have to write all the plumbing code associated with data-centric services, authorization, or UI. Instead you can focus on what makes your application unique through multiple customization points.

In this unscripted "How Do I" video series, learn how to build Cloud Business Apps for Office 365 using new tools and templates in Visual Studio 2013.

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