How Do I: Build and Deploy My First Cloud Business App on Office 365?

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In this video, we'll take a tour of the Cloud Business App project in Visual Studio 2013, by quickly modeling some data and creating screens using the designers. You'll see how you can get going fast building mobile-first, data-centric apps for Office 365 / SharePoint 2013. You'll then see how to make this app available to your users through your corporate app catalog.

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The Discussion

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    Well done. I find the development experience to be very strait forward and easy. This uses LightSwitch as the underlying technology and that is a very powerful tool. Just do a Bing/Google search...

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    Great video!   I like the common screen set.  Very useful.  I am glad this project type is continue to be enhanced - We have a very successful application running a growing company, and it works very well!  Even as a stand-alone application.

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    I now need to find out more about office 365. Some of my customers are "stuck" on office 2010 due to some third party apps that heavily use office. Wondering if you have to make the full conversion to this if you need to stay at Office 2010 for a while - may be another year.

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    Awesome :)

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    Nice demo!

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    Soreddy Manjunath

    Plain Simple Vanilla good for beginners , Awesome..

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    Musab Ghannaj


    Thanks for this demo nice and easy, but I would like to know how to deploy the App I have created as an "App Part".

    I really appreciate any helpful comment from you guys.

    Thanks again ..

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