C#: Object Oriented Programming - Catching Exceptions [19 of 19]

Play C#: Object Oriented Programming - Catching Exceptions [19 of 19]

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    Excellent 101 course. I've been programming for a while with other languages so I might have been bored if it were done by someone else, but you guys did such a great job, I watched all 19 videos. I really enjoyed this. I hope you will continue to make more videos.
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    am really learning, am a begginer, thank you so much..
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    Great course - thanks guys

    I've been teaching myself vb.net, asp.net over the last few years. Recently an opportunity has come up in work to do some c# and this course has helped me get the basics - they way you take the mystery out of the contents is heart warming.

    Thanks again
    Col, UK

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    Great overview. Thank you for making it so simple and easy for beginners to follow.
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    I found these videos very helpful. I’m just beginning with C# and wasn’t grasping the concepts of objects and classes until now. Thank you

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    I've been asked to translate our old Foxpro programs to C#, so your series of videos have been a great start. Picked up a lot good points from you two even after watching Bob Tabor's series. Looking for a C# video on working with MS Sql Server next.

    Thanks so much for your quick delivery and example/non-example demonstrations. I particularly liked the range demonstrations on fixed point types, which I expanded on my own.

    If I may return the favor, the general form for teaching programming languages is:

    __________ tells the computer to __________.

    And: What does this line tell the computer to do?

    You two seem to understand this intuitively. Overtize this a little more and I'd change my rating from A to A+.

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    Great overall video and great dynamic between the presenters.
    I understand you have a lot of knowledge of c# so there were few details you missed that I would have liked for you to have explained

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    Thank you so much the tutorial was clear and simple before this I was not so into c-sharp. However, now I am more excited to learn it.
    it was a great jump start thanks agin.
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    Hey there!

    Thank you for such a wonderful course - the time flew by and I learned so much.

    Thanks again,

    Louise, Ireland.

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    A really good course. However, do try telling the getter and setter functions' syntax more clearly. It is a bit confusing for newbies. Do revise the last 4 videos and make them more in-depth about the access specifiers. Try including at least an overview of inheritance, 'cause you guys seem to have skipped that concept entirely. Anyways, these videos got me started on C#. Now I will delve in further using the documentation. :) Wish me luck :P
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    I also watched all 18 videos.
    I especially liked the descriptions on how you broke up the code into separate individual programs(classes). This hasn't been described very well in other videos I've watched.
    Thanks, Jay.

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    Question: Is there an actual report created and saved in the solutions folder?
    Would I actually have to create a file and append information into the file using some other command?
    Would you make a new program(class) to handle input and output into a ledger?
    Thanks, Jay.

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    Hi Jay,
    No, this doesn't create a report file in the solutions folder. You'll have to create a text file and write to that using another object.

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    Loved the 101 course! Especially enjoyed the cool little tricks you can do with visual studio. I am starting a C# bootcamp tomorrow and plan to use these videos to supplement my learning.
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    Thank you for such fun and sweet explanations! I was amazed by watching your videos, you are awesome!

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    First of all Thankyou very much for a very nice sweet and worthy Introduction of C#.
    I am a complete beginner and I wanted to learn a programming language to enhance my daily work life and I came across you guys, you have made me look programming fun to learn and I have started learning with more fun now rather thinking it as a big mountain to climb . I do it now as Scott said “Lets break it down and understand what’s going on here”.

    Thanks to you both Scott and Kendra for inspiring me.
    Wish you a great time ahead!
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    Great beginner course. I was able to further modify the code where I can add multiple accounts and display the ledger by the respective account holder. very happy with what I got.
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    OOPS concept has been described in a very easy to understand manne

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    Great introduction. Made me think and research more, when I didn't understand some parts, and because of that the foundations are more solid now!
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    ❤❤عمل رائع! شكرا لكم علي كل هذه التفاصيل ومساعدة المبتدئين بهذا الشرح الوافي
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    Prasanna Kumar

    Similar tutorial required on system.data.sqlclient

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    Prasanna Kumar

    Excellent !! very easy to understand, Great !! Similar tutorial on windows form appln is immediate requirement

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