C#: Object Oriented Programming - Objects and Classes [16 of 19]

Play C#: Object Oriented Programming - Objects and Classes [16 of 19]

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    C# training sessions.

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    Very good . Thank you both
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    Calling a method with attached parameters are parameters and inside a method they become arguments. Everybody is talking about arguments regardless of calling a method with parameters or working inside a method with arguments. Nice work presented here though.
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    Wow. I dont know how I bumped into this video while surfing net ang looking for questions to understand C# better...and I must say I simply Loved your video
    Both of you are so genuine and so clear, to the point and a great teacher.
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    Lovely. Its not just a tutorial but actually explaining how to explain things, brainstorm, design and code. You have very well covered every bit to make it as simple as possible for the target audience.
    Very well explained how to search a tutorial, how to quick start with visual studio and useful hot keys, how to analyze a requirement, how to figure out members, methods, properties from the requirement and how to approach for a right solution. Thanks a lot for the video, love to see such videos.

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