C#: Searching Strings [4 of 19]

Play C#: Searching Strings [4 of 19]

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    Tahir Hussain

    It's amazing to see that how we can find specific string using "contains"keyword..

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    Three methods in one video! I was thinking of something more since it is about "searching strings" Overall it is good to start with.

    To clearafy things, I would've explained boolean data type before using methods.

    A string inside another string is called sub-string. So, the `Contain(sub-string)` method actually searches for a sub-string from the givin string. And, this method takes a parameter. A parameter here is an expected input to the method.

    Just for who try to invoke the method without the parameter, an error will occure. The error will say that there is no argument is given. An argument is the value passed to the method. To fix this, don't forget to pass in a string as an argument.

    A reminder, parameters and arguments are two different things.

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