C#: The Basics of Strings [3 of 19]

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    This is an interesting subject, and I'm very eager to learn! But what is the target demographic for this course? It's labelled as an intro to the world of C# and .NET but some of the "cutesy" comments give the impression of addressing 10-year-olds new to programming. "Oooh" and "aaah" have no place in a programming introduction/tutorial aimed at anyone over 15.

    And comparing strings to a friendship bracelet??? Oh please...

    I'll try to stick with it to no. 19, but I can't promise anything...
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    I am fine with the "cutesy"-ness. I expect many people (young and old, experienced and beginners) will come here to learn C#, and this video was fun and engaging.

    I started watching these videos to see if they'd be good to share with a friend who's brand new to programming. Though it's hard to tell whether the target audience is beginners, or those with some programming experience, I think that both audiences can get what they are looking for in these videos.

    Thanks for putting these together!

    Besides, I think we could all use a few more friendship bracelets in our lives.

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