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    the best
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    Very informative series. A refresher course for me too.
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    best C# programming language
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    THank you guys!
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    Are there any resources, such as a picture diagram or flowchart that shows the Hierarchy of the various levels in C# and related syntax ? IM going through the various study aides, reading the definitions , but still get confused how it works together (base, object, class, variables, methods, etc). If I could visualize how it is all structured, myself and maybe other aspiring students could understand it better ? Like if I wanted to build a house, instead of writing what a foundation, walls, roof, electrical & plumbing are. I could just have a picture of a house with arrows pointing to what each component is ? Then further explain with words what those are components do ?
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    Clean intro, A scalable language that has an echo system to be used.

    One thing though, the language capability explained was very vague. When I heared a webite, I wondered how? Does it build markup structure?! Or style the elements in the site!? This will be intersting to know if it does.

    Explaining things starting with syntactic sugar will be difficult to understand for a beginner, I hope this series will explain things from the basics. "Sparse code is better than densed one"

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