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The Microsoft SoundLab is a group at Microsoft that supports our needs for sounds and sound effects, mostly for video games. They have handled most of the Microsoft Game Studio sounds, for games like Halo, Fable, and Forza. Mike Caviezel walks us through the SoundLab and talks about what it's like to create interesting noises for a living.





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The Discussion

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    I see Apple computers being used. Why is that? Because of the available software/hardware or because of OSX itself being better for sound production?

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    Steve Wortham

    @ZippyV:Maybe it's because they make a better sound when you drop them?

    Seriously, that's a good question.  I bet it has to do with the available software.

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    @ZippV & @Steve Wortham, your both right. I'm a MS developer, but i'm also a  musician/producer, and in my home studio I have an apple laptop for that very reason; hardware avaliability, software choices and intergration, simple setup with equipment (audio and midi mappings etc..)

    Im split between two worlds Tongue Out

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    great vid also

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    @ZippyV: If a game studio had someone work in a widely used Mac authoring application, they need to support moving that project over to work with it. Macs are somewhat common in most of the production areas of Microsoft that work with outside vendors and services.

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