Campus Tours: Fuse Labs with Lili Cheng

Play Campus Tours: Fuse Labs with Lili Cheng

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    This is the most awesome office i've ever seen. I'd probaly have a hard time leaving if i'd work there Smiley

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    Shame on me that I could not get a job in MS Sad

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    Hi Paul and TwigSteve! Smiley We need to do the Vegas thing again!

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    I should have commented this video right after I watched it. After watching another Campus Tours video and commenting it, I thought that I might post my comment here also.


    I’ve a mixed feeling about the rise of social networking. I do not want post status update of myself on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps I’m too secretive to be a sociable person. Still, I do appreciate blog posts that give insightful and inspiring ideas. I generally do not make judgment from, say, 250 characters. There are some people who dislike reading lengthy blog posts. However, I am eager to learn various issues that have great impact on my life and society, as well as some interesting thoughts and ideas on Mathematics and Science.


    I’m far from being shy to express myself or speak out my minds. To me, blog is an essential tool for me to share complex ideas that I may come up with. There are times when my personal preferences do not matter much. If someday I will have to engage with the public very often, I do think that Facebook and Twitter will be valuable tools for me.


    Lili Cheng did not think of herself as a writer. I do not too. Nevertheless, the “summary” of some idea or report will take thousands of words, with a lot of details being left behind.


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