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Recently Daniel Hubbel from the Windows team met with us to talk about the Ease of Access features in Windows. Last week he invited us over to see the lab where all of these features are tested. The lab, tucked away behind a discreet door in a typical Microsoft hallway, is setup with a living room area and several stations that represent the workspaces of fictional users with various challenges and needs. With these stations and additional accessibilty hardware, researchers and developers can test scenarios and real-world use cases.



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The Discussion

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    Amazing! =O What kind of magnifier was that digital maginfier? It sure was amazing 0_o

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    Daniel tells me the bigger one is called the Senseview from a company called GW Micro, although that one is out of production and replaced with the Senesview Light. The smaller one is called the Maggie Pro.

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    Great video Larry!

    To give some perspective. I have downloaded this entire series and am ready to play them on my Media Center tv on my next 2 going away parties. I'm moving to Seattle to come and work for Microsoft at the end of this month and want everybody to get a clue what the Microsoft Campus feels like. So this is really a very very very good series. Thank for it!

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    @CKurt: Thanks, CKurt. Be sure to stop by and say hi when you get here.


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    As a dutch speaking customer, why do I get less accessibility features in Windows? Text-to-speech and speech recognition don't work in the Dutch versions yet Windows is more expensive over here.

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    Simply amazing.

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