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We work and play hard here at Microsoft but we also eat well. Tune in as Mark Freeman and I chat about all things MS Dining and take you to the campus restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias. MS Dining serves roughly 35,000 meals a day to its employees and we're doing a great job of going green. 



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The Discussion

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    Wow, looks like a shoping center :O

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    Klaus Enevoldsen

    Nice!!! Where do I apply for at job at Microsoft? Smiley

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    MSDinning - my new favourite name Wink

    It's great to see that with a some thinking you can move such domains like corporate dinnning into the 21st century Smiley

    @Klaus Enevoldsen:

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    Nicly designed commentarys and product advrotisment, Hope to see more interesting things in the future, noticed some vids are running slower : ) 0000

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    Food is ok in each Cafe but The Commons was def a welcome relief from the building fatigue one got working there Smiley.

    Love the Tours.. keep up the good work team Smiley


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    Do employees have to pay for food?

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    @Mapper99 Yes they do Smiley

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    Christopher Estep

    @martinmine:  Eating kiosks have become heavily generic; if you have the opportunity, stop in a PX/BX (AAFES or NEX) domestically, if not overseas (in the DC area, Andrews AFB, the Marines' Henderson Hall, and the Washington Navy Yard are prime examples).  You'd never believe that these are on military installations! (And despite what some think, the military exchanges get no taxpayer funding, as they are required, by law, to be utterly self-sustaining services.)

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