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In this episode of Microsoft Campus Tours we give you an exclusive look at the treasure trove of wonders that is Microsoft Archives.

Amy Stevenson is the curator of Microsoft Archives and her job is to document as much of Microsoft's 36 year history as possible. This is no mean feat as it involves sifting through (literally) tonnes of submissions in order to identify those special, rare items that require preserving in the bulletproof, soundprood, fireproof, floodproof, zombie-apocalypse-proof MS Archives vault. Enjoy.



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The Discussion

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    Nice gloves, Clint!

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    Dude, they had a cobol compiler!  COBOL!

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    Andreas Balzer

    any chance to get a poster size copy of the mouse schematics? ;)
    Andreas Balzer
    MSP, Germany

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    That's one big software box!

    I'm guessig it had lots of full sized paper documentation included wth it, probably in hard ring binders.

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    @dentaku: it was over 50 pounds.  Not sure on binders but wouldn't surprise me.

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    I remember those huge compiler boxes.  Those were the good old days when you had to clear off a new shelf for every version.  Oh how I miss those printed manuals as I currently sit here fighting with the current VS "help" system...

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    Awesome. You should have shown the contents of the box! =D

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    I used to have that c/c++ box!

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    And I thought my Borland C++ box was big. My handle even broke when I was carrying the box to my car. It is most likely that the books in the Visual C++ box are softcover books without rings, as my Borland product predates the Visual C++ product and has regular softcover style of binding.

    My first Microsoft compiler came with postscript files and had to be printed first before one could read the documentation. I spent days printing the pages.

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    @dentaku, proton2 is correct, regular soft cover on the books, which pretty much fill the box, with a small cardboard insert to hold the software (3.5" disks). 

    @Andreas Balzer--you might have something there.  I'm working on various ideas for reproductions, etc. Not sure I can get this one by the IP police, but I might just try! - Amy

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    I may be wrong, but I think Surface (One) was bigger and heavier : D

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