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    Nice gloves, Clint!

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    Dude, they had a cobol compiler!  COBOL!

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    Andreas Balzer

    any chance to get a poster size copy of the mouse schematics? ;)
    Andreas Balzer
    MSP, Germany

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    That's one big software box!

    I'm guessig it had lots of full sized paper documentation included wth it, probably in hard ring binders.

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    @dentaku: it was over 50 pounds.  Not sure on binders but wouldn't surprise me.

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    I remember those huge compiler boxes.  Those were the good old days when you had to clear off a new shelf for every version.  Oh how I miss those printed manuals as I currently sit here fighting with the current VS "help" system...

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    Awesome. You should have shown the contents of the box! =D

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    I used to have that c/c++ box!

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    And I thought my Borland C++ box was big. My handle even broke when I was carrying the box to my car. It is most likely that the books in the Visual C++ box are softcover books without rings, as my Borland product predates the Visual C++ product and has regular softcover style of binding.

    My first Microsoft compiler came with postscript files and had to be printed first before one could read the documentation. I spent days printing the pages.

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    @dentaku, proton2 is correct, regular soft cover on the books, which pretty much fill the box, with a small cardboard insert to hold the software (3.5" disks). 

    @Andreas Balzer--you might have something there.  I'm working on various ideas for reproductions, etc. Not sure I can get this one by the IP police, but I might just try! - Amy

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    I may be wrong, but I think Surface (One) was bigger and heavier : D

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