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Vince Jesus gives Clint Rutkas a tour of the Microsoft Hardware Model Shop (not to be confused with the Microsoft Research Model Shop) where napkin doodles become working prototypes and then eventually finished products like the Arc Touch Mouse.

3D Printers, CNC Machines and Paint Guns are just some of the toys this team gets to play with each and every day as they help design, create and evolve the Microsoft Hardware product line.

For more, head to the Next at Microsoft blog where Steve Clayton is covering Microsoft Campus Tours all this week.



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The Discussion

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    One day my basement will look like that! Smiley

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    What campus site is this? Redmond? This is great!
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    @MrlnWrld: Yes this is on the Microsoft Redmond Campus

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    I’ve paid close attention to Microsoft as I rely on a number of software products from Microsoft to get my work done. Frankly, I rarely paid attention to Microsoft’s hardware product manufacturing. I knew that Microsoft was making mice and keyboards since the beginning of GUI. One of the original goals is to promote GUI. Such goal has been fulfilled a long time ago but Microsoft, admittedly, is still making mice and keyboards of good quality.


    Microsoft’s Campus Tours gave me opportunity to see the environment where Microsoft’s employees work. However, this video did give me an unexpected benefit, that is, I got to peek at how Microsoft designed and made its hardware products. Even though hardware manufacturing does not make significant money compared to cash-cows such as Windows or Microsoft Office, Microsoft is still actively creating and manufacturing hardware products of good quality.


    I’ve a set of Microsoft’s wireless keyboard and mouse at home, mainly being used by my father. Compared with keyboard and mouse being manufactured by some unknown companies from China, Microsoft’s hardware product is much more expensive. I’ve not used the ‘Arc Mouse’ myself but it seems to be pretty cool. I do not think that I will get one of those higher-end keyboards/mice coming from Microsoft. To be fair, while I may spend some money buying a decent PC, I prefer to spend less on peripherals such as keyboard and mouse.


    I’m not the kind of guy who is fond of designing products. Still, I find this behind-the-scene video fairly interesting.


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    Can that 3D printer take a PhotoSynth point cloud? Just wondering...

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    Making of Iron man 3 Smiley

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    It's a CNC machine, not C&C... just sayin'...

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    @Nicodemus: Right you are. Text updated

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