Microsoft Campus Tours - Microsoft Research Part 3 - The Model Shop

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The Discussion

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    I never tought Microsoft would have a CNC machine at campus.

    The 3D plastics printer looks very very nice!


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    @CKurt: I was geeking out the entire time there.  I was a kid in a candy store

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    Sweet. Love the 3D printer =)

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    4 days ago, intrepid wrote
    Can you mail me a spinning top? Thanks!
    Go print it yourself. U 2 lazy..!o!

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    Luke Puplett

    Ah but do they still expect Desktop Support to fix these printers? 8¬P

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    I'd be worried about leaving that 3D printer for too long before it begins to consider its lowly position in the world order.

    You'd get into work one morning and you'd be like, "Hey, cool, they had another 3D printer delivered". But now you got yourself a real problem as both printers are busy churning out copies of themselves every 24-hours.

    After a week out of the office you be coming back to 4,294,967,296 printers and Tom with anything but a Blank expression on his face.

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