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Microsoft Campus Tours - The Microsoft Home

7 minutes, 47 seconds


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Steve Clayton and Flora Goldthwaite give us an exclusive tour of The Microsoft Home.

The Microsoft Home, located on the Redmond campus in the Executive Briefing Center, is an envisioning of the family home in the very near future where connected experiences and devices take their next logical steps and beyond.

First opened in 1994, The Microsoft Home is maintained by a group of researchers under Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, and is updated regularly.

Unfortunately The Microsoft Home is not open to the public but Channel 9 was given special permission to film a sneak-peak tour for this episode of Microsoft Campus Tours.

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  • I would buy the charging plate and the screen that you showed the music library on today. Make it run on a PC and display on my TV. MS needs to realize that this stuff is not 10-15 years out; it's more like 5 years out. The amount of "web-enabled" TVs is proof of this. Make it so I can use a WP7/Win8 tablet to control everything.

  • Can you guyz adopt me into Microsoft Home Smiley

  • So Awesome ! Would love the digital wallpaper. One can NEVER have too much screen real estate !

  • That digital wallpaper is by far my favorite thing. I would love to have that in my office. I'm constantly watching videos while I'm working, and it would be so awesome to be completely immersed. Or perhaps, I can show what I'm working on people don't have to come around my desk to see it. I can't wait for it to come on the market!

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast


  • Neat, but a I was hoping for a bit more NUI.  More touch, motion, and voice.  I'd rather take my phone and watch off and then go to another surface to view the information, standing at the front door is not natural.  However going to the fridge to start dinner and having my medical stats on the island counter top or fridge door is a gentle reminder of health concerns.  Actually,  a portable "my dashboard" that recognizes you and follows you around the house, is exactly what I want.  This way I can read Facebook updates, read a book, or/and message friends while privately going to the potty (we all know we play with our phones during number 2).  Just walk around the house and your credentials follow you.  Touch any screen surface to access it and listen your favorite playlist from the game room, bedroom, or kitchen.  You could also have locking capabilities when going into rooms you shouldn't.  If a brother enters sisters room it would be neat if the screen wallpaper flared red with "Intruder alert, Intruder alert." 

    It would also be useful if the doors could have the persons most recent status update on the outside and on the inside have a to-do list.  This way it's a reminder to the family and a way for them to communicate.  All doors should have a two way camera and speaker port so that the image can be projected to the inside of the door (one way only). 

    I'm sure this has all been thought of before but there is a lot more we could be doing at this time.  I'm an energizer bunny with future Microsoft Home requirements, so I'll stop here before I get yelled at for typing to much.

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @Tevyn: These are some interesting ideas. The Microsoft Home is updated periodically and I'm sure we'll see more NUI in future demos. I've asked if we can film follow-up tours as the Home is updated.

    @spivonious: I think the "10-15 years out" is a reference to when the technology becomes mainstream/common place as opposed to simply possible or available.

  • JasonJason

    Will it work with Apple stuff?

  • CrandCrand

    Oh my god. I gotta go grab a napkin and clean up now.

  • steve claytonsteve clayton

    thanks to Nic and team for inviting me to shoot the video with Flora. If you're interested in other spaces and places across Microsoft Campus, check out www.microsoft.com/next where we're dedicating the week to places

  • , nic wrote

    @spivonious: I think the "10-15 years out" is a reference to when the technology becomes mainstream/common place as opposed to simply possible or available.

    I mean the same thing. New TVs now pretty much all include access to Netflix, Pandora, and Youtube. 5 years from now, Apple or Google will have duplicated the things in the MS Home and MS will be forced to play catch-up yet again. Why wait for the market? Make the market come to you.

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @spivonious: I think we're on the same page. Smiley

  • BenBen

    Videos not working.

  • anonanon

    So i need silverlight to watch this? really?
    No thanks

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @anon:Nope, you can also watch it in a HTML 5 capable browser that can play h.264 video (IE9, Safari, Chrome) or you can click one of the many video links to watch it in an external player.

  • Erling LimmErling Limm

    Why the hell doesn't Microsoft ship this stuff?!?
    Are you going to wait for Apple to make the move first?

    I would buy all of this!

  • RyanRyan

    Wow.... this is great

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