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Play Surface 2.0 Stress Test Robot - PaTTY

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    68 % cpu usage for just user input ?!

    The mouse and keyboard use less then 1 %

    Is it because you're using c# or did you actually mess up this much ?

    Will Surface 2 have even slower response time the surface 1 ?

    I'm sensing surface 2 will be a fail from the start

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    Joe Farro

    Hi there, I'm Joe Farro, the guy that demos the robot, and that app. The 68% in the test app isn't tied to the app, or user input, but reflects what the system is using overall. Input on the Samsung SUR40 unit is handled in such a way that the effect on the system CPU is negligable. However, from a test perspective, it behooves me to put a high system load on the CPU at times, and ensure that input is still handled well. You'll find that due to this testing an design, the 2.0 input system is much more robust. That being said, I'm not sure what I had running on the system at the time that was eating up 68% of the CPU at the time I was doing the demo. :)

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    This is neat. One day, I'll create a device that requires an enormous illuminated stop button.

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    Michal V

    Surface 2 is limited to 42 touches?

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    @Joe Farro hi, good to hear.
    So by how much have the response time been decreased ?

    Is it the same no matter how many fingers/blobs are on the screen or will the response time increase by how many fingers/blobs are on the screen ?

    Surface 1's high response time made it unusable.
    I'm searching for a touch device with the same response time as a mouse/keyboard. Will surface 2 satisfy this requirement ?

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    Looks very slow and buggy to me:

    I've seen laptops with better touch performance then this

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    Joe Farro MSFT

    The video referenced was taken in January on an early build of hardware. Please reserve judgment of unit performance for when it's shipped, as the team has been hard at work and come a long way since then.

    We're still working hard on performance, please stay tuned. :)

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    Blue Ink

    Just curious... at some point in the data log, there is an amazing "Memory usage: 148770816K" (or something to that effect). That's a whopping 142 GB of RAM (roughly), which seems quite a lot. Is this caused by the testing harness or is Surface just that memory hungry? (or... did I miss a decimal point somewhere?)

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    Joe Farro MSFT

    @C you - It's 145 megs's a typo in the app where I append a capital K but then print out the value in bytes. Wow you guys have good eyes, I'll have to fix that when I get back to the lab! :)

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