Developing iOS and Android Apps in C# with Visual Studio

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Xamarin Developer Evangelist James Montemagno shows you how the Xamarin Platform enables developers to leverage their C# and .NET skills to create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. With Xamarin, you use the same language, APIs, and data structures on every platform to build a single, shared C# codebase across all targets. Use your favorite IDE, Visual Studio, to build, design, debug, and deploy your iOS and Android applications. 


Xamarin features deep integration into Visual Studio 2015 with full iOS and Android designers for you to build your native user interfaces. Additionally, you can take advantage of existing libraries available on NuGet and in the Xamarin Component Store to accelerate your mobile app development. Visit to get started today.


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The Discussion

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    When are you going to let us use Visual Studio with the Indie Xamarin license ? As of now $83/month is way too expensive for an Indie developer and simply not affordable for a hobbist.

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    i agree with Jean. Xamarin is too expensive for indie developers.

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    @Jean:@Hmmm: I understand your concerns about pricing. To let you know, we just added Starter Edition support to Visual Studio (which is our free edition) additionally, we do have Indie, which is $25 a month per platform. There is special offers for startups, msdn subscribers, and also complimentary subscriptions for students. There are a lot of options that we provide to get you into cross platform native mobile development with Xamarin.

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    Sam Calma

    Great summary on the power of Xamarin for building cross platform apps!

    per @Jean question with the Indie license Visual Studio is not supported, any idea if that is lined up?


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    xamarin is not in good, high price for a developer

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    @JamesMontema​gno, why don't you mention that the developers have to use Mac & XCode to compile Xamarin.iOS projects? You have been using a virtual machine for these needs, haven't you?

    As a developer I don't care about the price of the license, or cost of development machine, or other stuff.. I care about convenient code writing for all of the platforms. Xamarin really helps to implement the applications without wasting time for learning the program languages specific for the particular platform. That's very helpful!

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    :D realy cool!

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    hi. very good

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    I am from mongolian

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    Microsoft better wake up and go "ALL-IN". They need to capture the development market, NOW. If Windows 10 fails, along with Visual Studio 2015, MS will be in an even bigger hole - falling more and more behind in the mobile development market.

    Microsoft should either buy Xamarin or somehow make it a reasonable cost to developers.

    I just purchased a new Windows laptop, but I ALMOST purchased a MAC. In the past, I never even considered jumping ship from Microsoft. If Microsoft doesn't iron this mess out, my next PC will be a MAC and I will use a Windows emulator.

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    Xamarin sucks ,don't use it.

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    Tried to use the starter edition, cant even build the sample app provided by microsoft with it, getting an error that i need to buy xamrin license

    wasted 4 hours to set it up and learn the fact that its useless :(

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    @samrat: Sorry you were having issue, you may have been trying to start with Xamarin.Forms, which isn't compatible with starter edition. You can double click on that error and start a 30-day trial though. Let me know if you have any issues with that.

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    kameshwar maurya

    sir koi assa appa digiye Jo Android mobile me bhi operate ho
    jiske pass system nahi hai o bhi open kar sake
    thank you sir

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    $25 per month, can I get to pay monthly or a cumulative per year....?

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