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    That looks really really really useful. Thanks a lot for implementing this. 


    And to the presenter I wish a good nights sleep because he looks like he could really use one.

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    I badly need this. But Im poor. Will this be included in the free version of VS2015?

    Memory Diagnostics is a very elementary tool. I hope its not seen as an optional extra, only corporate professionals can afford to use.

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    When testing I see no line-numbers in the "Allocation Call Stack" list and right-click "Goto Source Code" don't work. I tested with a new MFC App-wizard Project x86-debug build. Do I need to add some configuration or is this a bug in Visual Studio 2015 RTM?

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    Mike Sage

    I'd love to see more examples of .net code with the heap profiler. I've been using the tool on the .net code i have and have determined the leaks are not in the managed code (anymore...I did find some there).

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