Improve your Code Quality Using Live Code Analyzers

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Live Code Analyzers are used to add custom error messages and warnings that appear live as you're typing, along with automatic code fixes to help you clean them up. They are available as NuGet packages that you add to your projects in Visual Studio 2015. In this video, you'll see how to easily get started writing your own analyzers to enforce your own conventions and domain-specific best practices.



.NET, NuGet



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The Discussion

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    Hi. Could you post the project code you used for the demo? I'm having difficulty getting both a VSIX and analyzer project to talk to each other. I've tried creating a VSIX project and then an analyzer item inside it. A VSIX project, then a second project it references that is a class library with a analyzer in it etc. I can't seem to get the test VS to actually use the analyzer I'm creating. Anyways would be nice to kind of use this solution as a template.

    Thanks for the presentation it was very cool. Looking forward to moving a lot of stylecop rules into live analysis instead + add stuff for new language features (like Async suffix example you did). As a bribe: if I get a good port going I'm willing to make it publicly available :)

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