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The Universal Windows Platform is the new app platform for Windows 10 and the next generation of Windows applications across a wide array of device families. The platform has built in APIs for creating a single app that can be deployed on mobile devices, desktops and more. This video shows how to start work on Universal Windows apps and gives a brief tutorial on how to tailor an app for different devices.



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The Discussion

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    Great video to get started. Thank you!

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    4 years ago I saw your video on Expression Blend. The attractive voice and very concise lecture, you will let everyone happy.

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    Thank you for a great video that is clear and straight to the point. I will certainly be looking for other videos from you (hoping there are more :) )!

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    no closed captioned and /or Americian Sign Language for Deaf/hard of hearing/deafened people.

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    Great Video!  Every bit of encouragement, instruction, and hand holding from Channel9 is helping me understand how to shift to the Universal App frame of mind.  I hope you continue making these mini-lessons with easily digestible amount of content for us follow.  Kudos.

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    Is there a way to restrict which form factors you want to develop for. Not everyone wants to be burdened with supporting Mobile (Smartphone, Tablet) users and would prefer to be able to deploy to desktop without "opening those flood gates."

    Otherwise, I think learning to program on my Mac may be a better deal. No need to worry about the extras concerning mobile or deal with having to support them if you want to release an app to the Mac App Store.

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    Ahmad Pirani

    Great quick video showing what I wanted to learn, Visual States. Thanks.

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    Visual States! Best..

    Great Video, thanks Dante.

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    Very good Article, thanks for sharing Channel9.

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    Well i am a JAVA developper ... but more and more I see VisualStudio becomes a great RAD. In the video, we see that it so easy to use this api to build our apps.

    I think I will as soon as possible migrate to VS !

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    thanks sir, for your tool, it's helpful for me
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    Great quick video showing .. it's helpful for me

    Thanks Dante

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