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Angular is an extremely popular JavaScript library used by developers to build web and mobile client apps. Visual Studio 2015 improves the HTML and JavaScript editors to help developers building with Angular, and many other libraries. In this video, I'll show you how to build a simple Angular app, showcasing new features in Visual Studio as I go.



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The Discussion

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    Richard Garcia

    Great stuff

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    Bairon Laverde

    I think that aplicattions for mobile apps get in learn child many thinks about math, culture, etc .

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    I enjoyed the video. The last two links at the end of the video take me to the same MS home page. You might want to look at these links.

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    this is really helpful for me to understand angularjs develop by vs2015.

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    David Faynzilberg

    Great Video, Thank you for posting it

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    Thanks for sharing. Very clearly to understand.

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    Dustin Rodriguez

    I have literally not used ASP since the 1990s. This video was very interesting, but I was left with one question: Where is the ASP? Everything I saw in this video except the _references file was standard HTML/JS app stuff. Can all of this nice tooling be used in non-ASP projects that're just HTML/CSS/JS? Also, why isn't the _references file auto-generated?

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    My first video about AngularJS. I'm programmer .NET/C# using jQuery and KnockoutJS. Liked  this tutorial. Thanks!

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