Building JavaScript apps with Angular

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The Discussion

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    Richard Garcia

    Great stuff

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    Bairon Laverde

    I think that aplicattions for mobile apps get in learn child many thinks about math, culture, etc .

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    I enjoyed the video. The last two links at the end of the video take me to the same MS home page. You might want to look at these links.

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    this is really helpful for me to understand angularjs develop by vs2015.

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    David Faynzilberg

    Great Video, Thank you for posting it

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    Thanks for sharing. Very clearly to understand.

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    Dustin Rodriguez

    I have literally not used ASP since the 1990s. This video was very interesting, but I was left with one question: Where is the ASP? Everything I saw in this video except the _references file was standard HTML/JS app stuff. Can all of this nice tooling be used in non-ASP projects that're just HTML/CSS/JS? Also, why isn't the _references file auto-generated?

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    My first video about AngularJS. I'm programmer .NET/C# using jQuery and KnockoutJS. Liked  this tutorial. Thanks!

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